This lack of support is unforgivable... I'm outa here !

spufi wrote on 6/1/2001, 11:00 AM

Compared to many of their competitors, this was a high priced product.... But I figured what the hay; often you get what you pay for, so I went for it.

But in this case, YOU DON'T GET THE SUPPORT YOU ALREADY PAID FOR. So screw it.

This software gets to back to the store. This is the last sonic foundry piece of sh.. I'll ever try.


jrsunshine wrote on 6/6/2001, 10:32 AM
Forums are provided for peers to help each other. SF members do provide answers here in the forum (A bonus). True customer support is provided throught SF Customer Support/Service (I figured you know that since you know what good customer support is). I have VideoFactory and think it is the best low priced video product out there. It is completely flexible. I have had zero problems with my VideoFactory. i have produced a wedding video, videos of concerts, short film stuff with CGI effects. VF only limits me when I need advanced compositing and other advanced features (I plan on getting Vegas Video at the next version 3). I think SF products are great!