Thought Equity clips IMHO

nedski wrote on 11/17/2007, 2:50 PM
I finally got around to downloading those 15 free clips from Thought Equity.
IMHO they were not worth the effort to download.

A list of negatives:
1. The clips themselves are pretty boring. You can't choose any others.
2. You need YAC (Yet Another CODEC) to play them.
3. These clips do not play smoothly on my PC. Yes, my PC has plenty of power, thank you.
4. You have to register to get the clips. I received both an e-mail and a phone call from Thought Equity soon after I registered. Unsolicited e-mail don't bother me too much, phone calls do. I didn't check to see if there was any "opt-out" on their web site.
5. The pricing for their clips, as far as I can tell, STARTS at $599. This is way out of my price range.

The positives:
1. Thought Equity has, after a very brief search, lots of interesting stuff.

These are the descriptions of the free clips from the Thought Equity website.
1. Pan up of an architect working in her office.
2. Panning-shot of two attractive young women taking a picture of themselves.
3. Crab right of a group of business people standing and smiling.
4. Medium shot of two happy young women holding wrapped gifts.
5. POV while driving a race car in a race.
6. Crab-right around the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon at Paestum, Italy.
7. Aerial shot of ice floating in coastal waters.
8. Aerial of a view of the foothills from downtown Denver, Co.
9. Following pan of a young girl driving a pedal-car and wearing racing goggles, helmet, and cape.
10. Selective-focus shot of a young girl in a pedal-car wearing racing goggles, helmet and cape.
11. A woman works on a laptop while lying in bed.
12. A man and woman prepare a healthy meal.
13. A woman gives a man a taste of the food they are cooking.
14. A family enjoys a bedtime story together.
15. A man and woman look through papers at their desk.

The file size range from 115mb to 1.64gb. They run from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. The frame sizes are 720x486, 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

Does anybody else have any comments about these clips?



CorTed wrote on 11/17/2007, 4:13 PM
Thanks for posting this. i have been thinking about getting the free clips, but I now know it would be a waste of time for me.
TGS wrote on 11/18/2007, 1:38 AM
Me 3. Yes, you saved me a lot of time finding out the hard way.
mr.beebo wrote on 11/18/2007, 4:44 AM
Just marketing to get you into the cyber door for the money clips. I agree, they do seem to have quite a library.
UlfLaursen wrote on 11/18/2007, 7:17 AM
I got them too, but have not used one yet :(

Harold Brown wrote on 11/18/2007, 7:36 AM
I registered but I am not able to see any free clips. I sent them an email several days ago but have not heard from them except for their generic email advertising.