jetdv wrote on 6/25/2004, 8:59 AM
Both downloads have the same name. If your computer has cached the old information, it may not actually download the new one. Try deleting the old install program and, possibly, clearing your cache and try again. Or use a download manager program to perform the download.
Cunhambebe wrote on 6/25/2004, 12:19 PM
Uninstall Vegas 5.0 a. Install Vegas 5.0 b. Do not erase any registry key tru regedit nor even any folder tru Windows explorer. ;)
donp wrote on 6/25/2004, 3:20 PM
I downloaded 5.0b (?) and installed again and it repeated the same scenario again tonight. I went ahead with the install and I still have Vegas 5.0a. When I upgraded from 5.0 to 5.0a I did it the same way and everything worked fine. I"ll try what you all suggested.

donp wrote on 6/25/2004, 3:47 PM
OK I removed Vegas 5.0a and installed the "upgrade" to 5.0b?. I got the 5.0a installed again, only this time it installed from scratch. I had to reinput my serial number and reregister and redo all my preference settings. I still got 5.0a build 134. I guess I'll be ahappy 5.0a user for a while longer. I down loaded both 5.0b updes at my work place since I have a T-1 there, much faster for a 41 gig file than my home dial up. I bring the file home and install there. When I upgraed from 5.0 to 5.0a I did it the same way with no difficulty. this my first ever problem with anthing having to do with Vegas. Help please.
donp wrote on 6/27/2004, 8:21 PM
OK I had e-mailed the Sony-Vegas Customer Service-Support Thursday and they got a reply backto me on Saturday. The support folks provided a link that automatically began downloading when I clicked on it. I finally got 5.0b. So far everything works great. That was a great responce time for the Sony-Vegas support.

Thanks Sony-Vegas