SonyEPM wrote on 7/23/2001, 4:10 PM
perhaps your big drive is not the specified capture drive in the Video Capture prefs?
mystifmagic wrote on 7/23/2001, 4:28 PM
it is the specified drive
SonyEPM wrote on 7/23/2001, 4:42 PM
does windows say the drive has plenty of space? have you recently emptied the recycle bin?
mystifmagic wrote on 7/23/2001, 5:15 PM
Windows says there is 39 Gb free, and i have completely emptied the recycle bin
SonyEPM wrote on 7/24/2001, 8:29 AM
If you are capturing avi files of any type (like DV), VideoCapture will do a "disk spanning" capture and segment the file across multiple drives. There may be some setting that is not correct, but capturing should be ok. Try capturing a 5 minute file- it should work.