Time Stamp or Date Stamp

jek-wy wrote on 1/17/2011, 9:08 PM
Hi, I'm new to Vegas Movie Studio. I've been using a very old version of Pinnicle (9.0) for years now and following a trial of Vegas decided to purchase it. When I capture a dv tape to a *.avi video, how do I find the time / date for each clip? Can I stamp the date onto the first few seconds of each clip?



jek-wy wrote on 1/23/2011, 3:30 PM
Days later... I'm not certain if:
1) I worded my question poorly and it's not understood.
2) I failed my search for a common topic - really, I tried.

Please, if anybody knows anything about detecting the capture date from a clip in Vegas Movie Studio I would appreciate hearing about it. I believe this is a common need and would be surprised if Sony has not incorporated it into their software. If it is something that can't be done or needs third party software I would be interested in knowing that too.

Thank You,
Tollkuhnator wrote on 1/23/2011, 3:50 PM
Jim, have you already added the clips to your Vegas project? If so, they should be visible in the "Project Media" tab in the upper-leftpane, assuming you're using the default layout. For each file there are around 20 columns of information, one of which is the date/time stamp, but it's usually way off to the right. There's a scroll bar under the list of project media you can use to scroll over to the date/time stamp column as well as many other fields. You can click on the date/time header and drag it left to a more convenient position. I usually park mine right after the Use Count column.

Let us know if this worked.
MSmart wrote on 1/23/2011, 3:57 PM
Oh, it's there. A few ways to see it:

1) Explorer tab: Right click on file and choose Properties - it's in the Capture section.

With event on the timeline:
2) Project media tab: look for the Date/Time Stamp column. (column order can be rearranged by dragging column left.
3) Right click on event: Choose Properties, General tab.

Added: Tollkuhnator beat me to it as I was typing.
jek-wy wrote on 1/23/2011, 5:34 PM
Thank You Tollkuhnator & MSmart!

That's exactly what I needed. I am grateful for you quick and precise responses.

Best Regards,
Johnkl wrote on 1/23/2011, 11:36 PM
are there any way that the time and date of the clip when i was taken can be included in the timeline. This is a feature of Magix Movie Edit pro ?