timelapse... how to overlap images automatically..

pjrey wrote on 12/2/2010, 6:37 PM
hello everyone...
im loading in a couple hundred photos in vegas 9, and i know how to adjust the time given for each still (prefs, edit, and then the box 'new still image length'.. but what i am wondering about, is how do i create a overlap (or crossfade)... is there a script for that, i think i remember there being one...?
i would like each still image to overlap the next by X amount of frames..

thanks a bunch


Chienworks wrote on 12/2/2010, 6:41 PM
Options / Preferences / Editing (i believe you're already there). Check the box Automatically overlap multiple selected media when added. Use Cut to overlap to specify how long the crossfade should be.
Earl_J wrote on 12/2/2010, 6:42 PM
go back to the same page you mention in your message and look for automatically overlap media when added... it is in seconds and fractions of seconds - with a frame counter as well...

You're on the right track and on the right page, you just need to look at all the selections... (grin)
Although, there are soooo many options and functions in Vegas, I'm not sure anyone knows the entire program and all its options and magic... (wink)
_ _ _

Additionally, if you make a crop/pan effect that you'd like to duplicate; right click on the event you'd like to duplicate and select "copy"; then right click on the one you want to modify and select "paste event attributes" ... viola... both events have the same pan/crop action and keyframe timing (if any) ...
If you'd like to use that same effect to the end of the timeline, right click and select "select events to end" (they all get highlighted) ... then do the "paste event attributes" ... viola ... if you work left to right you can change the pan/crop and keyframe as required and insert to the rest of timeline as you move right ... in that way, any changes you will make are ahead of you on the timeline, and everything behind you on the timeline is finished...

You probably know this technique - - - I have found through my experiences in life that those things that "go without saying" should probably have been mentioned early on in the project... (wink)
I don't mean to insult your intelligence, just passing along a bit of a time-saving technique in the event you didn't know it and for the benefit of others who will follow this thread who may not have known it until now ... just trying to help... honest... (wink)

It's simply magic I tell ya' . . . pure and simple, freakin' magic all the way. . . (grin)

Until that time... Earl J.
pjrey wrote on 12/3/2010, 6:47 PM
THANKS! you guys are lifesavers! thanks for the tips too earlJ! (i did know that, but a refresher is always nice)

thanks again!