mike6haywood wrote on 8/2/2015, 10:44 AM
I've been editing videos since the dawn of video and until recently (would you believe) still edited on the old Canopus Storm Edit (capturing by Batch Capture). I've now bought Vegas 12 and delighted with the batch capture of clips facility however, I simply cannot make head nor tail of the timeline(s). Even with the
on screen tuition and the user manual (both very difficult to get to grips with) the
timelines are utterly confusing. With Canopus it was a single timeline and when dragging down a clip, it stayed (where it was dragged to) at the beginning of the timeline. The next clip sat next to it and so on. When I drag a clip to the Vegas
timeline, it shoots off to the right leaving a large space and if I drag another clip down that lands up miles away from the first clip and sometimes onto the second track. All I want is to drag clips to exactly the place on the timeline I want and for them to stay there until I can do the dissolves (on all of them) and titles etc.
Has anyone else had this problem or should I go back to the infants.


Former users wrote on 8/2/2015, 11:53 AM
What you are describing is not normal for Vegas. If you could post a screen shot of your timeline and layout, it might help determine if you have something enabled.

You should be able to drag it right to where you want it and it will stay. If you have RIPPLE activated, that will sometimes affect other things, but not placement of the current event.

I don't know Canopus, but if it was like Pinnacle, the video would always SNAP to the beginning of the timeline or the next available space. Vegas does not do this. It goes exactly where you place it.
Allegretto wrote on 8/7/2015, 2:11 AM
Sounds like your timeline may be zoomed up a lot. If I zoom in, then drag and drop a file on top of a clip already on the timeline, it appends the dragged clip to the end of the project. Looks like this happens if the clip being dragged in is so long that it extends beyond the end of the timeline that is visible.

Zoom out some more so you can see the full outline of the clip when you drag it into the timeline. If you need to place it precisely, first set the cursor exactly where you want the clip to start, then zoom out, and then drag and drop the clip. While dragging, when the clip is close to the cursor the clip will snap to that location (cursor will light up in yellow).

You can zoom in/out in several different ways:
1. Set focus to the timeline (click to set the cursor position or hit Alt+0) then roll the scroll wheel,
2. Drag an end of the horizontal scrollbar beneath the timeline
3. Click the + or - buttons next to the horizontal scrollbar