timeline gets out of focus

first-last wrote on 8/13/2016, 3:21 PM
When I am saving a snapshot of the preview, after saving file I automatically lose focus of the timeline and the new made snapshot is now selected in the Project media. I tried to get the timeline back on focus using the tabulator or the escape key, but It didn't work. Another problem is if I select the timeline again to focus it, the time jumps to the Position I had my Cursor, just like I had the timeline on focus. How can I fix those problems? Thanks in advance


Former user wrote on 8/13/2016, 3:24 PM
ALT+0 will set focus to timeline.
first-last wrote on 8/13/2016, 3:25 PM
Thank you!
Jerry K wrote on 8/15/2016, 8:12 AM
By clicking on the preview screen that sets focus back to the timeline.

Jerry K.
rmack350 wrote on 8/15/2016, 11:11 AM
Yes, it's annoying. When saving a snapshot to file the snapshot is automatically added to the project media and then it gets the focus so you can rename it. Kind of silly since you just had a "Save Snapshot to file" dialog where you could have named it. The stumbling point here is that most of the keyboard shortcuts you press at this point get swallowed by the new media object trying to get you to rename it.

As Donald says, Alt+0 refocuses Vegas to the timeline. That's fine if you're left handed since Alt+0 is a right handed key combo (or two handed if you're cursed with a tendency to always key Alt with your left and 0 with your right.) (I can't get Jerry's suggestion of clicking the preview to work).

It's possible to remap the keyboard for this via Options/Customize Keyboard. The Global.View.FocusToTrackView command is mapped to Alt+0. You could change it to something else.

I don't see a native way to map the preview window's snapshot button to a key command, but if you have a script that saves snapshots (like Vegasaur) then you can map a keyboard shortcut to *that*.

Ideally, it'd be nice if there was an internal preference in Vegas to set the focus to the timeline after saving snapshots.

rmack350 wrote on 8/15/2016, 1:18 PM
Update. While I wasn't having any success clicking the preview window to switch focus, keying Ctrl+S has the side effect of moving focus to the timeline. And it never hurts to save your work.