[tip] Shorten plugin namespacing in the plugin chain window

Foo-Bar wrote on 3/1/2023, 2:41 PM

Vegas 20 does "support" VST3 plugins.

I quote "support" because it's buggy ass h*ll : see my bugreports.

Another feature is that the used plugin names are now very looooooonnnnnnnnggggggg, instead of Vegas 19 where they were short.

Because of the new namespacing convention, the plugin chain becomes very wide, not fitting on your screen, reducing screen-estate and forcing you to scroll over the x-axis using the < > icons on top of the tabbed / docked window.

Let's say we have a plugin, named LoudMax.

  • Vegas 19 tab title : LoudMax
  • Vegas 20 tab title : LoudMax (64bit) VST 3

In Vegas 20 it says whether the architecture is 32bit vs. 64bit, and if the protocol is VST2 or VST3.

Well, I do know what a plugin is like, before using it so I don't need those metadata static in the tab : it consumes too much spaces in the x-axis.

Solution : rename the .dll, reload, done.

In the example above the Reaper plugin "realdq reaper standalone (64bit VST3)" is simple renamed to "DQ+" which shortens the name and tabwidth, so I don't have to scroll < > every time I want to switch from one plugin to another.

One can also use a resourcehacker to fiddle with the binary codespace and change the internal name, but that's more fuzz.


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