Tip: Stackable Mic Stands for Multi-Cam

Byron K wrote on 7/28/2014, 2:35 AM
I've often found that being a one man camera crew, camera tripods for multi cam shoots, have been challenging in tight venues. I've tried using the three leg mic stands w/ the fold out legs, because I already have a few of them, but their legs stick out into walk ways or cant fit between rows of chairs.

I've found that stackable mic stands work well for the record and forget alternate angle cameras. They have a notch in the base that fit nicely around a leg of a chair and easily placed in the corner unobtrusive to foot traffic or viewing.

My local music shop had these in stock for about $30 bucks:

I also purchased a couple of these mic stand camera adapters for the stands from them:

And a set of these mic stand extension tubes to elevate the camera.

A similar pair of these hand weights to give the bases a little more weight when needed:
(Haven't need them yet though)

All two sets cost about a $100 bucks at local shops around town. (except for the extension tubes which I ordered from Amazon. I only ordered one extension tube kit)

This rig was used at a recent multi cam recording of some friends at a small club venue and the mic stands worked great. The stands can wobble so they should be placed where they won't get bumped, but I didn't have any problems.

The stands also makes a very good glide cam for steady on-the move shots.

Maybe others can find this useful if you have a shoot in a tight venue!


[r]Evolution wrote on 7/29/2014, 9:03 PM
Awesome tip!
This can/will also help to get a bit higher than most tripods as well. (Without the large footprint) Should also be able to hold the weight of my cameras with no problem. Will be purchasing some adapters soon as I already have the mic stands and booms.

Would have come in handy this past Saturday night; 1 man shooting a multicam bikini contest.
xberk wrote on 7/29/2014, 9:15 PM
Yes. Nice tip. I recently shot 3 cameras on a concert in an association rec room. Tripods were awkward. No aisle space. Mic Stands would have done the job better.

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