Title Frustration

vectorskink wrote on 10/30/2002, 4:21 PM
Hi there!
I am doing some ordinary scrolling titles, but want to have more than one style of font in the title. In VV3, when you change the style of font for the template (eg Header, split text, etc) that change is replicated in the rest of the text, which is what I dont want. Is there anyway around this???

Thanks guys


jetdv wrote on 10/30/2002, 4:28 PM
Currently, only by having multiple scrolling titles. There is a single definition for each "type" of line in a title.
JonnyMac wrote on 10/30/2002, 7:39 PM
I was frustrated by this "limitation" too ... but then, poor mixing of fonts in titles and credits can be distracting. I found I was happy using mixed-case for the left column (which is right-justified) and all caps for the right column (left justified).

-- Jon McPhalen
-- Dallas, TX
wcoxe1 wrote on 10/30/2002, 8:04 PM
This particular aspect of titles seems to be severely limited. I suggest that there be HeaderA, HeaderB, SingleA, SingleB, and likewise, TwinA, TwinB, as a MINIMUM.
JonnyMac wrote on 10/30/2002, 9:09 PM
While not as convenient as the internal title generator, custom title crawls with graphics and unlimited fonts could be created externally (Photoshop, PSP, etc.) as a PNG and controlled with track motion. Not easy to edit though...
PDB wrote on 10/31/2002, 4:15 AM
I actually think it is very simple to change font type and/or size...or at least I think I have done it in the past...Just treat the text as you would in WORD or another text prog. That is, open up the text dialog, type in your wording, select the words you want to change, and choose another font or size for that selection ...It works for me...!!