Geoff_Wood wrote on 7/22/2009, 3:55 PM
Crashing more or less than 8 ? My 8 doesn't crash, and neither does my 9. What plugin do you have trouble with ?

Room correcting EQ dedicated o/p ? Do it once with any regular assignable output and you're done. Why would you want a dedicated output ?

Vegas is not bound to time signatures or BPM, so is infinitely variable ?! Are you confusing Vegas with Acid ?

No real audio updates to peak of. Audio engine evidently optimised some more.

Download the demo and try it.

pwppch wrote on 7/22/2009, 10:11 PM
Is there a dedicated monitor out for room correcting eq'ing?

There is no workflow built in to do this. You can however set up addtional Sub Busses that route directly to hardware. You can then send to this bus from any track or sub bus to produce an alternative mix. While this was intended to make headphone/cue mixes it could be set up to provide a dedicated monitor out mix.

eyeshow wrote on 7/22/2009, 11:10 PM
I have trouble with Waves 2-Tap or 6-Tap delay, Aether, and Ampeg SVX. They seem to give me more trouble than in v7. Same exact setup- maintained,not connected to the internet, no hardware changes.

When I say monitor out where everything goes out a main but your monitoring the seperate buss not interrupting the signal flow, and on that monitoring buss it allows plug-ins to be placed on it so that if you bounced it down and left those plug-ins on, it wouldn't affect the master out. Right now I just have to bypass and enable the plug-in on the master when bouncing that is all.

I'm a little confused at what you mean with the BPM and time signature features in Vegas, yeah it will play any tempo or time sig, but have the metronome and graph follow a click-based song with changes in...? Like Acid. Have I been missing this feature?

Ok, I think I'll try the demo- thanks Geoff
jbolley wrote on 7/23/2009, 8:07 AM
I'm still on V8. Its buggy with waves plugins on the buss groups. Any improvement in this area with V9?
pwppch wrote on 7/23/2009, 8:11 AM
Its buggy with waves plugins on the buss groups.

I looked through your previous posts and could not find any mention of this buggy behavior with Waves.

Can you provide details regarding this buggy behavior or point me to a post that I have missed?

jbolley wrote on 7/23/2009, 10:23 AM
Thanks for your post. I have not mentioned the bug because I can't always reproduce it. I only know what to avoid so that I can keep working. It seems buss to buss routing with a waves plugin can corrupt a project and result in a hard cold PC failure.

I see "teetow" has posted multiple times about it:

Bugs (may be fixed in V9, please disregard in that case)

* Bus-to-bus routing (usually with Waves plugins) provokes crashes
* Waves plugins may take up to 30 seconds to initialize
* Adding latency-inducing plugins to the master bus corrupts renders
* Changing loop region on-the-fly causes corrupt playback

Geoff_Wood wrote on 7/23/2009, 2:08 PM
Ah, I thought you were referring to how the whole project tempo, of the actual audio , can be easily changed as in Acid.

No, the metronome is fixed and simple - it has no effect other than making an audio referencce beat. The time sig is purely graphical wrt displayed time and grids, and it also global.

MacMoney wrote on 7/24/2009, 6:25 PM
What version of Waves are you using?

George Ware
eyeshow wrote on 7/24/2009, 7:22 PM
Not sure if you were asking me MacMoney- if so I'm using 5.2's

And generally it is a random session by session basis for error, but does almost always involve plug-ins being routed through busses (rarely placed on tracks, almost always on the busses themselves).
MacMoney wrote on 7/25/2009, 3:59 PM
Waves hes done a TON of work of their v6 plugins.
I mostly use Acid 7, Sound Forge and some Vegas
My Waves version is ( I clicked on the W on SuperTap)
I have not had any issues.

George Ware
MacMoney wrote on 7/25/2009, 4:03 PM
>* Waves plugins may take up to 30 seconds to initialize

Checking for Pace/iLok copy protection
I have two iLoks, 1 for Waves & 1 for everything else.

I have the same thing in Sony apps & Pro-Tools

George Ware
jbolley wrote on 7/27/2009, 10:12 AM
I'm still using Waves v4 via direct X. I have some issues with Waves and their licensing so I've decided to stay with the version that has what I need without all the silly 3rd party dongles...
That's at home, at work we have V5 but I don't use it on the machine vegas is installed on for the same issues.

MacMoney wrote on 7/28/2009, 5:52 PM
You know Waves v5 also supports DX?

George Ware
gwailo wrote on 8/4/2009, 1:24 PM
disabling track buffering in the audio preferences made my Vegas 7, 8, 9 + waves 5.2 rock solid, even on busses