Former user wrote on 9/21/2022, 7:57 PM

I have used Vegas since version 3 and never seen this which is happening in 19 and 20. When I switch to 4K or UHD, the video preview window changes to a vertical phone-like aspect ratio with extremely low resolution. I have no idea why this is now happening. This is just a normal project file, no massive amount of plugins, nothing extreme, just default settings after installation. When I turn on secondary display, the image is strangely small also. I never had this happen doing what I am doing on any computer in all the past since version 3.0 .I am using a Windows 10 pro 64 i9, 128 GB RAM, RTX Nvidia 3090. This must be some weird glitch because it is the current version, and the most recent driver for graphics..


3POINT wrote on 9/22/2022, 12:36 AM

Make sure you select the right project template (I must admit that it's quite confusing):

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Former user wrote on 9/22/2022, 8:49 AM

I didn't realize they had added 9:16 as opposed to 16:9 and I guess I must have overlooked the order (?) At least now it seems to be displaying OK. Thanks for the reply.