Track IDs not being sent via S/PDIF

Fearless Leader wrote on 12/12/2005, 6:35 PM
Hi, everybody. I'm new here, so pardon me if this topic has been discussed previously.

My question regards CD Architect's ability to send track IDs out the S/PDIF stream. Here's what I mean.

I master a project in CD Architect 5.2. I put the track IDs exactly where I want them. While I can burn the project to the PC's burner, I desire to play the project from the CD Architect timeline out the soundcard's S/PDIF jack, route the signal to a standalone CD recorder (either a Masterlink or a Tascam CD-RW750) and have the CD recorder correctly put track IDs where they exist in the CD Architect project.

The soundcard is an Echo MIA MIDI card.

The CD recorders, DAT machines and MiniDisc recorders I try sending the signal to won't "see" the track IDs (track increments) where they occur in the CD Architect project.

I've tried all possible settings in the CD recorders' menus, in the soundcard's console, etc., but nothing has made a difference.

I've contacted the various companies involved, and haven't gotten a good, thorough answer from 'em. Sony said it's likely the outboard recorders' fault. Echo said it's either CD Architect's fault or the outboard recorders' fault. No word from Tascam after two e-mails and some attempted phone calls.

I have a feeling that the problem is that the MIA MIDI card isn't sending the track IDs out the S/PDIF jack.

I've tried going direct from the soundcard to the recorders. I've tried different, high-quality S/PDIF cables. No dice.

If anyone has any ideas for me, I'm all ears---despite what some people say about me! Thanks for your help.


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