Track Motion and Analogue footage

bw wrote on 12/31/2005, 2:19 PM
Recently had to use some analogue footage which was time stamped.
Tried to eliminate by zooming with track motion but rendered result had 'venetian blind' artifacts with any movement. Used digital 8 cam for conversion and full frame is ok. Oh yes I was the one using the analogue cam, didnt notice the time stamp, cor blimey.
TIA Brian


Chienworks wrote on 12/31/2005, 5:39 PM
Try Pan/Crop instead. It usually creates a smoother image than Track Motion.
johnmeyer wrote on 12/31/2005, 7:24 PM
There is a VirtualDub filter called "Delogo" and it can be used to "remove" the date/time that has been inadvertently left on when using an analog camera. This filter can be used inside of Vegas using the Wax plugin:

1. Download and install Wax from Satish's web site.
2. Download and install "Delogo" from any of the VirtualDub download sites (I think you can get it at
3. Put your video on the Vegas timeline.
4. Take a full res snapshot of that video and put that snapshot into your favorite image editor.
5. Paint out the logo using pure red (255,0,0). Make sure to cover EVERY part where the logo shows up, including any ghosting or fringing. Save this file as a BMP file.
6. Apply Wax to the video in Vegas.
7. Within the Wax dialog, click on the Virtualdub button and then load the delogo filter.
8. Within the delogo filter, load the BMP file you created. Load it on the "Repair" line.

It's a little complicated, but the result is often quite good. The delogo filter combines pixels adjacent to the red mask, resulting in a slight blur where the logo (time/date stamp) used to be. Depending on your video, the result can be almost pure magic. On other video, you may find the result more distracting than the original date/time stamp. Generally, the results are quite good, and it saves you from having to sacrifice a significant amount of resolution and program material, which is what happens when you use the pan/crop or track crop techniques.