Track number is lost when minimize the tracks

Joelson wrote on 11/7/2021, 6:47 PM

In older versions of VEGAS PRO when video and audio tracks are minimized it is possible to see the numbers of all tracks. This is very useful to guide you through the editing process, especially when there are many tracks in the project and the Parent Track feature is used.

In newer versions of VEGAS PRO when minimizing the tracks, the numbering is lost in most of the existing tracks, and this makes locating and orientation difficult in projects with many tracks.

I believe that inverting the Hamburguer Menu and the track number would solve this issue, because by minimizing the tracks the track number would be visible instead of the hamburger menu.

Please see if this will be possible in the future with any updates. This change will greatly help those who are editing to orient themselves and locate themselves in the project again as they did in previous versions.