Transfer old serial numbers to PC convert.

Roboburger wrote on 5/22/2009, 9:06 AM
I have been a SF lover for years, and preach to musicians I work with all the time. I've got a possible new convert here from the Dark Side (mac), and I'd like to transfer my old serial numbers to him so he could legally install Vegas, Acid, and Forge, albeit older versions (4, 4, 6). The idea is to let him drive 'em around the block, kick the tires, hook 'em, and then get him to upgrade to the latest versions.

I've tried the chat support and the web page form, both times failing miserably. I tried calling but couldn't get out of the phone tree. I did a search here, too. I was hoping to get an email for a human being that could do the trick. I have the new guy's address, email, etc ready to go.

Thx! Curtis.