trials of izotope elements 9 and rx elements 7 via Audio Cleaning Lab?

dape wrote on 3/15/2020, 6:22 PM

Hello, so i installed the trial version of Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab 2 for the two izotope plugins (Elements 9 and RX Elements 7) and i cannot make my registered Vegas Pro 17 Edit see the vsts even after changing vst paths and rescanning for plugins..

Is there a limitation in the izotope trials that prevents me using them in VP17 or.. ?

Thanks !


Grazie wrote on 3/15/2020, 10:40 PM

Is there a limitation in the izotope trials that prevents me using them in VP17 or.. ?

@dape - Seems you’re correct?

rraud wrote on 3/16/2020, 10:08 AM

I do not know about Sound Forge Cleaning Lab (or the demo versions), but the iZ RX and Ozone) Elements plugs that were included with SF Pro-13 are available in VP-16. I would suspect the same behavior with Cleaning Lab when activated and VP-17.
I do not have CL, so I do not know for sure. For a definitive answer you may want the contact Magix Customer Service Sales Team which handles activation issues and such.

Rick, Sound Forge forum moderator

dape wrote on 3/16/2020, 9:44 PM

Thanks Rick, i have been in contact with Magix support and had a lot of emails exchanged and initially they told me the izotope plugins from CL2 will work with VP17 but i tested the demo version (and even a full trial with a key from them) and the plugins aint seen by VP17 - i guess because they need to be fully activated - i hope.

My last mail sent to Magix support was about asking them if they can refund me if i buy CL2 and VP17 still does not see the fully activated izotope plugins.

Now i am waiting their response..

dape wrote on 3/17/2020, 6:54 PM

Well.. i bought Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab 2 and after activating the izotope plugins they seem to work fine in Vegas Pro 17 Edit !

Izotope Ozone Elements 9 seems to be excellent for my videos to get perfect loudness for YouTube and Rx Elements 7 modules seem to correct my voice quite fine !

Thanks for reading my message guys.