Trouble capturing analog passthrough on a Sony TRV11

mccollin wrote on 2/8/2001, 11:27 PM
I can capture fine from my TRV11 camcorder if recording
from DV tape. When I try to capture from analog that is a
pass through on the TRV11... in other words, it comes
through on firewire, but it's not coming from tape... I get
the following error at the end of the capture where I
normally get the file save dialog:

An error occurred while capturing from the device.
An error occurred reading the file. Make sure you have
read access to the file/folder and that it is not corrupted.

Any ideas?

I'm anxious to get this going.


SonicPhil wrote on 2/9/2001, 9:11 AM
First, are you able to see a preview of your analog footage
in the preview window?

Next, when you are capturing, check the capture statistics
below the preview window (by the transport toolbar). Do
you see the captured frame count increasing?

- Phil VanHelden
SonyEPM wrote on 2/9/2001, 1:00 PM
To do analog pass thru you have to go into the menu and go
to VCR SET and then make sure A/V->DV OUT is changed to ON