Trouble inserting video clip

fjannotta wrote on 12/10/2007, 5:55 PM
I am using VMS to edit video from a Sony MiniDV camera. It has been working great but the following problem has stumped me:
In my current project, I am trying to use a video clip given to me on a CD. I copied the clip to my hard drive, and when I try to put it in the timeline only the audio shows up, no video. I can play the clip in Windows media player without any problem.
The properties of the clip are as follows:
Type of file: Video Clip
Image WidthXHeight: 640x480 pixels
Frame rate: 15 frames/second
Data rate: 792kbps

I have tried adjusting the project settings to match these but am not having success.
Any ideas on what the problem is or on a work-around?


Eugenia wrote on 12/10/2007, 5:57 PM
Obviously, Vegas does not fully support that kind of video file. You should transcode it or re-encoding it using an external tool to a format that Vegas supports. Try VLC's transcoding abilities for example.