Trouble Reading CD Text Track Titles

Lariat wrote on 7/27/2006, 3:30 PM
After working with audio wav files and exporting them to CD Architect 5.2a and then creating a couple of projects, I burned some CD's using CD-R media. After burning the discs using CD Architect, I would re-insert them into my Plextor PX-716A drive. I would then open a new project (untitled) in CD Architect and then click on Disc and then click on "Read subcodes from disc" just to check that the CD Text had been written to disc. At first the program read the subcodes of the discs fine. Then, the last couple of times I have burned discs (from the same two projects) it will not read the CD Text subcodes for the track title past track 26 for a 27 track CD or past track 29 for a 40 track CD. All other subcodes appear to be read - only the track titles are unread. In at least one instance I have seen additional and apparently random characters at the end of the last track title that are not a part of the track name/title. This would tend to indicate some sort of file corruption. However, when I use Plextools, a program that came with my CD/DVD drive, it reads the CD Text, and all of the text data to include all the track titles appear to be complete. In addition the CD's play in my home cd players - so far. However, I would like to know what is going on with CD Architect that it appears to suddenly have trouble reading disc subcodes from discs the program itself has processed and burned.

Would appreciate your input.


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