Tutorial case: Back To The Future title

set wrote on 7/21/2015, 9:12 PM
Is this okay to post a tutorial in this forum?

So, it all begins when someone in other forum (NBFX forum) asked how to create that famous 1985 time travelling movie, using Titler Pro 4 tools. As I watched the original movie's title, it has something interesting and decide to do experiment with it... And since last week is my holiday week, I try making a tutorial (for the first time :) ), just to test myself on 'doing presentations' on how I do it in Sony Vegas Pro...
AND, in the same week, HitFilm3 Express edition just announced. The original poster in NBFX forum edit using HitFilm3 Pro edition (It has its' own editor as well, but for editing task, I personally still prefer doing it with Sony Vegas Pro, since my hands and I are already comfortable with it). I tried myself doing the same task as part of learning HitFilm3 Express, to see the workflow's similarity (as Sony Vegas Pro itself is actually already have compositing capability).

So for those who may just download HitFilm3 Express, and want compare the similarity and differences of workflow on making this Back To The Future title, complete from zero, analyzing, designing the title in NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4, and combining them to make the result on both application we wanted, here goes:

NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 & Sony Vegas Pro 13:

0:00 - Study case from real movie title
1:39 - Start making
3:19 - Coloring
4:01 - Basic Animating
5:56 - Simulate Lighting to title's outline (Start working deeper in Sony Vegas Pro)
13:40 - Adding Glow to title's outline
15:53 - Final adjustments
16:29 - Finished result

HitFilm3 Express:

00:00 - My notes
00:47 - Notes if you are first viewer
01:55 - How I prepare Titler Pro generated texts to run in HitFilm 3 express
02:35 - Start HitFilm 3 Express Tutorial
04:33 - Making required Color Gradient for this effect
07:22 - Adding Glow effect
09:43 - Duplicating first line settings to second line
13:53 - Optional/Additional Glow effect
15:24 - Done and ready for Rendering!
16:59 - Final Result on this tutorial

Hope helps,



NormanPCN wrote on 7/21/2015, 10:54 PM
Here is a Hitfilm tip. In your TUT you mention that Hitfilm does not have 3 color gradients. What you were creating with 3-color gradient in Vegas is a reflected gradient. You can get this in Hitfilm by using the radial gradient and the elliptical deformation control. Setting that to -100 or 100 will get you that linear black-white-black reflected gradient you created with two separate planes.
set wrote on 7/21/2015, 11:51 PM
Ah, glad to know that... thanks for correction!
Updated in video with annotation.
NormanPCN wrote on 7/22/2015, 1:30 PM
I watched the Hitfilm tutorial again and thanks for the TUTs. I enjoyed them. It was nice to learn technique(s) to do that animated shine/glow effect.

I like that you sped up various portions of the TUT. At times some things got glossed too much for me. For example, when you created the point layer to combine the two gradient planes. That could have used a little more elaboration. For someone who does not know Hitfilm that can help.

I did one thing a little differently. I exported Quicktime MOV files from Titler Pro 4 for the main and outline, verses the PNG image sequences you used. The QT file TP4 exports is using the PNG codec where each frame is a PNG will full alpha information intact. Basically the MOV is a PNG image sequence also, but in a single convenient file.