TWO BUGS with VST - Vegas 20

RedRob-CandlelightProdctns wrote on 9/1/2022, 5:04 PM

Identified two VST bugs in Vegas 20:

  1. Selective-Paste AudioFX does not paste audio-effect if it is a VST2 plug-in. Paste event-effect works correctly, replacing the existing audio FX with the pasted one(s).

    To reproduce:
    a. Event 1 has Vegas Volume envelope on it. Event 2 has Izotope Spectral Noise Reduction (VST2)
    b. Select audio event 2, right-click, choose "Copy"
    c. Select audio event 1, right-click, choose "Paste Event Attributes". The volume effect is gone and it now has the noise reduction effect on it. UNDO [the paste]
    d. Select audio event 1, right-click, choose "Selectively Paste Event Attributes", check "Audio Event Effects" (or all if you prefer). Nothing will be replaced -- the volume effect is still there.
  2. VST3 Problem: After installing Vegas 20, I now have two copies of my Izotope plug-ins, a VST2 version and VST3 version. The VST2 version seems to work. The VST3 version does not allow me to select the "Learn" button -- when I press it, it automatically un-presses.



RogerS wrote on 9/1/2022, 6:04 PM

I noticed the same with 1.

I had problems with certain iZotope VST 2 plugins including Nectar.