Two questions

Greger wrote on 2/2/2001, 7:30 PM
Could some one answer anyone of these questions.

1. I cannot seem to get "Sonic Foundry Text" to "Morph"
or "Tween" between, one size (say 22) and another (say 50)
the only way I can get it to happen is instantley from one
frame to another...I want a smooth transition

2. Is there anyway to reverse (play backwards) the sound or
video track, I want to render the Video track in reverse

3. is there any more detailed documentation on vegas
video.... any books for sale ?


CDM wrote on 2/2/2001, 8:41 PM
To reverse the video, apply a velocity envelope and pull
down to a negative % and there you go. Remember that the
velocity envelope changes the media within the event
without changing the length of the event. So, when you
reverse you will have to re-trim the start point of the
There is no reverse for audio in Vegas - you have to do
this destructively in another program (such as Sound Forge).

To "morph", just overlap the two text media until it
creates a crossfade or any other kind of transition (right-
click, Transitions). Is that what you mean?