UAD question

Ben  wrote on 11/29/2004, 3:40 AM
I'm thinking of getting a UAD-1 - willing to take a gamble on the much reported issues with Vegas.

I have the opportunity of buying a Mackie-branded UAD-1; I guess this is the original product prior to UAD taking charge of sales? I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me if this differs in any way from the Universal Audio UAD-1 Studio Pak which is now on sale? Is the hardware any different, or the software bundle?

If the software differs and/or contains out-of-date versions, do you know if it's possible to upgrade for free to the latest ones? Overall, will have any issues that I wouldn't have if I bought the (more expensive) new version that's shipping?

Many thanks


Erik_Nygaard wrote on 11/29/2004, 5:59 AM
My guess is this is nice deal depending on price.
You will get all the original plugins, ie the LA2A and the 1176LN is now optional with the Project Pak. The Studio Pak will get you a few additional (very nice) plugins like the Pultec Pro and the Fairchild 670.
Compare here:

The hardware is the same, Mackie only had the distribution.
The price is plugin-dependant.
You can always upgrade to the latest software here:

billybk wrote on 11/29/2004, 6:30 AM
It's all the same hardware, the only differences are with the included plugins and the software version that is shipped with the card. I always recommend new buyers to just download and install the latest update, (currently 3.7) from the UA website, and install that, before the card install anyway. Generally speaking, you will get a better deal, better value, buying one of the Mackie cards, if you can find them, because of the included plugins and lower overall package price. How much are you able to get a Mackie for?

Billy Buck
Ben  wrote on 11/29/2004, 7:43 AM
Thanks for your reply guys - really helpful.

Billy, so just to clarify, if I install the latest update, would I then be left with the same plugins as the Project Pak? If not, what am I missing with the Mackie version? It's the vintage compressors and limiters that really interest me.

I can get hold of the Mackie card for about the equivalent of $500 - I'm in the UK.

billybk wrote on 11/29/2004, 10:47 AM
Yes, the latest update will include all the current bug fixes/enhancements and the entire, up to date, UAD-1 plugin catalogue.
The plugin differences between the Mackie & Project Pak? The Mackie
will come with the 1176LN & LA2A already authorised for use, while the Project Pak only includes the LA2A, during the current promotion which ends Dec 31st. So unless, you can get a Project Pak, for less than $350, you are better off with the Mackie, because you would have to shell out another $149.00 for the 1176LN, if you buy the Project Pak to equal the Mackie.
$500 for a Mackie, is a pretty good deal, as it already qualifies for both the LA2A & 1176LN licenses. I got my Mackie for about $570.00 about two years ago, and at that time, it was a steal of a deal. It does pay to shop around, I got my 2nd UAD-1 card, a Project Pak, for $359.00, which included a free Pultec Pro, last June. BTW, once you have your authorized plugins, you can use them, in up to (4) cards per machine, for added DSP.

Billy Buck
Ben  wrote on 11/29/2004, 11:01 AM
Thanks again Billy, really useful stuff.

I actually meant to say in my reply above, does the Mackie card have the same plugins as the Studio Pak? But it looks like it does, which is great.

Studio_de_Lara wrote on 11/29/2004, 5:41 PM
I would be careful. I can't use Vegas 5 with my UAD-1s. There are issues with buffers that rear their ugly heads on a regular basis (clicks, pops, errors, plugins being diabled because of stupid buffer issues etc.).
I had to resort to using Tracktion, which gives me ZERO issues whether I record through a UAD-1 plugin (like Nigel) or mix and match plugins during mix down.
Sony are trying to get the "tricks" down for Vegas 5 (as one response to one of my UAD-1 posts) they didfor ACID 5.
My two cents.
Erik_Nygaard wrote on 11/30/2004, 6:12 AM
Are you sure it's not the UAD-1/Vegas/your soundcard that is the problem? I've run the UAD-1 (and a Powercore Element) in Vegas4/5 with a cheap Audiophile 2496 without problems.
All cards also work fine in Acid4/5, Sonar3/4 and CD Architect5.
Studio_de_Lara wrote on 11/30/2004, 11:18 AM
My card combo (RME Digi96) works until I try using realtime monitoring of effects while recording. Whether on an effects buss or track insert.
Maybe it is my card. However, Tracktion gives me no issues at all. I can insert effects in realtime (while playing), record with effects monitored and have no errors or the clicks/pops.
I can't work the same in Vegas.
Ben  wrote on 12/1/2004, 4:13 AM
If anyone else is thinking about getting a Mackie UAD at this price, then this is where I purchased mine - there are still a few left:

I thought it was a good price, and free international shipping certainly sold it for me! Mine is on its way.

billybk wrote on 12/1/2004, 5:08 AM
You got a great deal with the free international shipping. Also, JRR Shop, is a very reputable store to buy from. Many UAD-1 forum members have bought their UAD-1's, plus other audio equipment from the JRR Shop. Eric Dahlberg, not only works @ JRR Shop, but also uses the UAD-1 himself, and is a leading poster @ the UAD-1 forum. Very knowledgable guy to have around when you have questions on pro audio gear and DAW's. As a UAD-1 forum member, you also qualify for an additional 10% discount on JRR's already low prices when you go through Eric to buy your gear. If you have not already, go register and check out the forum:

Billy Buck