<Update release> VEGAS Image 3.1 and VEGAS Effects 3.1.1

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 2/22/2022, 8:29 AM

Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce updates to VEGAS Image and VEGAS Effects.

Please see the list of changes listed below.

VEGAS Effects 3.1.1


This update includes new Rough Edges, Water Caustics, Edge Distortion and Pencil Sketch effects, improvements to the quality of YouTube export presets and a range of enhancements and bug fixes.


  • The new Rough Edges effect adds organic variation to the edges of the alpha channel of a clip.
  • The new Water Caustics effect procedurally generates animated patterns of reflection and refraction, to simulate looking through water.
  • The new Edge Distortion effect creates line boil, adding movement to the lines or edges within your clip.
  • The new Pencil Sketch effect makes your clip look as if it was drawn with pencil on paper.
  • Improved the quality of timeline cache renders.
  • Users can now choose whether the timeline cache is encoded and decoded with software or GPU hardware.
  • The YouTube export presets have been updated to improve the quality of exported files.
  • The prompt for automatic proxy creation no longer appears when creating a new project.


  • Clicking a motion path keyframe now selects the property containing the keyframe.
  • Multiple point layers can now be selected in the Viewer by dragging a rubber band selection.
  • When multiple points of a mask are selected, individual points can now be removed from the selection.
  • Improved support for models in the GLB format.
  • Improved font compatibility for text rendering.
  • Changing proxies now triggers the unsaved state for the project.
  • Exiting a project while proxies are being created now triggers a warning.
  • Plugins now show more quickly after initial installation.
  • In the Super Glow effect, the Grain Frequency setting now defaults to a value of 1.0.
  • Added a user-friendly message when users attempt to render Quality proxies at incompatible resolutions.
  • Added a user-friendly message when users attempt to export to H.264 with incompatible resolutions.
  • Updated the text in the DPI Scaling checkbox.
  • Translated the Motion Lock effect.


  • In the Trimmer, the Scale to Fit option is now available for images.
  • Creating a light no longer blocks the creation of masks.
  • Transforming the X position of a layer from a tracked point no longer causes stability issues.
  • Applying tracking info for a single position axis no longer affects both axes.
  • Pre-renders that are no longer valid are now discarded, rather than showing an alert triangle.
  • Improved performance of loading the Cache options panel when the cache is large.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the Viewer can now be used after creating a composite shot.
  • Motion paths now update more accurately in the Viewer when the view is panned and when paths are edited.
  • Motion paths now update more accurately in the Viewer when switching between timelines.
  • The Viewer selection tool icon now updates correctly when you press and release the right-click mouse button.
  • Pressing the middle mouse button while the Hand tool is active no longer switches to the selection tool.
  • Using the Viewer navigation tools no longer causes the selection to be lost.
  • Using the Viewer navigation tools with the Mask tool active no longer renders the mask in selection mode.
  • Masks can once again be edited non-uniformly by holding shift while editing.
  • When a plane is set to receive reflections, converting the plane to a comp no longer breaks the reflections.
  • Changing the resolution of a timeline after caching no longer causes render issues on systems with Intel UHD 630 graphics.
  • Saving a project with Auto Stabilizer applied to a large video file no longer causes stability issues.
  • Auto Stabilizer once again shows the frame analysis progress in the Viewer.
  • Auto Stabilizer does not display the control buttons in the Viewer until the initial analysis is completed.
  • The Derez effect now renders correctly when preceded by the Set Matte effect.
  • The Bevel effect now renders correctly when applied after the Bend effect.
  • Improved the rendering accuracy of the Grading Transfer effect.
  • Eliminated a rendering glitch that would appear in the Surface Studio effect at high color depths.
  • Eliminated a rendering glitch when using the Cosmos effect with Lens Blur and a plane layer at high color depths.
  • Improved alignment in the Half Tone effect to prevent unwanted rendering artifacts at the frame edges.
  • In the End Credits Crawl effect, the fonts for Roles and Names can now be edited independently.
  • The End Credits Crawl effect now consistently has a single element when added.
  • Canceling an existing export queue item when an Export Now task is rendering no longer freezes the queue.
  • Export of timelines containing OFX plugins are now less likely to time out, thanks to optimizations in the plugin loading process.

VEGAS Image 3.1 Release Notes

This version introduces 8 new effects, Median Blur, Dot Matrix, Tile, Reflection, Cartoon, Posterize, Solarize, and Color Vibrance.
Additionally, we have added a bunch of quality of life improvements to make using our effects better, such as non-linear sliders and aspect-ratio locking scaling.
Finally, as ever, there are many fixes and stability improvements.


  • Added a Median Blur effect which blurs the image using a median filter, perfect for reducing noise while maintaining structure.
  • Added a Dot Matrix effect which transforms your image into a grid of dots, reminiscent of a Dot matrix printer.
  • Added a Tile effect which allows you to quickly tile an image without the need for layer duplication.
  • Added a Reflection effect which allows you to position mirror lines, perfect for adding reflections to subjects in your composite. You can also set the number and rotation of the mirror lines to create kaleidoscopic effects.
  • Added a Cartoon effect that smooths and posterizes the image, as well as overlaying pen lines to the edges. All to give the image a cartoon-style appearance.
  • Added a Posterize effect which reduces the color detail to produce blocks of color.
  • Added a Solarize effect which creates the appearance of a film negative that has been exposed to light during development.
  • Added a Color Vibrance effect that is perfect for adding color to greyscale textures, like fractal patterns or particles.


  • Many effects now have non-linear sliders which allows much better control over the values used most often. Making it easier to dial in your effects.
  • The Light Rays effect now has the option to set the light direction, instead of the position. Perfect for if you want the light source to be offscreen.
  • The Sharpen effect is now called Unsharp Mask, and its control ranges have been increased to allow more sharpening options.
  • Effects that have a scale or size control now have an aspect ratio lock to allow easier scaling adjustments.
  • You can now set a default canvas background color and workspace color profile in the settings.
  • Starting a project by opening an image will now set the project name to that image as well as the default save and export folder location.
  • Added resize cursor handles to the crop tool.
  • The Denoise effect has been optimized to improve performance.
  • Improved the softness fall-off of Brush masks.
  • Improved the quality and usability of the Matte Cleaner effect.
  • Many dropdowns have been improved to have better scrolling.
  • Improved the user workflow of saving an old project in a new version.
  • Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the luminance mask not applying correctly or logically.
  • Fixed issues with some text input dialogs not accepting some language input.
  • Fixed an issue would allow you to drag effects onto layers that they don’t support.
  • Fixed issues with the brush mask not feathering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with effects not disappearing when the effect is deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with relinking assets on some graphics cards.
  • Fixed an issue with empty layers being created when the import fails.
  • Fixed instability when importing some corrupted assets.
  • Fixed issue where the icon for the preset files was incorrect.
  • Fixed issues with detecting if the application is running before installing/uninstalling.
  • Fixed potential issues when upgrading the application with the installer.
  • Fixed some graphical issues with Chroma Key when the Adaptive Color is in use.
  • Fixed issue with the blend-if tool not updating while it is being used.
  • Fixed issue with the Clone and Heal brushes not applying on transparent areas.
  • Fixed issues with masks and effects applying in the wrong order in very specific cases.
  • Fixed the image stretching that can occur on the font dropdown.
  • Improved performance when the second monitor display is open.
  • Fixed an issue where the pin toggle on the effect menu was not saved in a specific case.
  • Fixed some rendering issues when the effect can grow the layer.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Pencil Sketch effect when adjusting the background radius.
  • Fixed an issue with the text paragraph styles not copying/pasting correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect add menu would open offscreen when using the left-handed UI mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the canvas to move if activating pan during a selection.
  • Fixed issue with the Voronoi option of Multi-point gradient.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur with undo/redo on the text editor.
  • Fixed issues with inconsistent results when exporting when using the resizing options.
  • Increased the sensitivity with the Glow effect sliders.
  • Text letter spacing is now uniform instead of relative.
  • Fixed a crash when the machine's input sources changed.
  • Fixed issues with showing the insufficient graphics memory warning when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue with Pan being locked if Imerge is minimized or unfocused.
  • Improve layer handle selection when multiple layers overlap.
  • Fixed an issue when you attempted to paste too much text onto the canvas.
  • Fixed an issue that would remove keyboard focus when searching in the layer list.
  • Removed a 1-pixel border that was sometimes shown on the canvas.


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