UPDATES for Dazzle DVD Complete and Sony DRU500a DVD drives

markrad wrote on 12/10/2002, 10:27 PM
Just as an FYI public service annoucement:

Version 2.06 Update for Dazzle DVD Complete Deluxe-


Veritas PX Engine Update-

This update will allow your SONY DRU-500a to work with DVD Complete. Only those users with the Sony drives, other brand new models or users instructed to download these drivers by tech support need to update.

I'm still working through some DVD playback issues.
What kind of luck are some of you having with DVD+RW when played on the Apex 1100W?
This is the only player I have to test my new DVD burning capability so I don't know if my problems are with the actual burning or with the player itself. The symptom is random pausing and stuttering on playback. 2 minute clip, tried both Constant and Variable Bit Rates with no difference.



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