Upgrade Installations

GaryAshorn wrote on 8/22/2008, 1:55 PM
OK, looking through the knowledge base did not help. I have the new Vista machine ready to install Vegas. My present machine is running 7e. I have my original Ver. 8 disks still unwrapped. I have always kept up with copies of the updated files. I have my 8b version on file. If I remember right I can just install directly from the upgrade version. However, I do not remember what I enter for the serial number and validation codes. Do I use the ones from the original packaged version? Please refresh my aging memory. Thanks.

Gary Ashorn


farss wrote on 8/22/2008, 2:04 PM
All your serial numbers should be available from this site, look under My Account > My Software or else the one on the box. The same serial number works for every release of any version.

GaryAshorn wrote on 8/22/2008, 2:30 PM
Geez (Slapping forehead with palm of hand) and I looked there last month as I got ready to do this and I think I made a copy of it. Thanks for the memory jogger. Tough getting old but better than not at all.

Gary Ashorn
GaryAshorn wrote on 8/22/2008, 3:34 PM
Well, I never installed my original VV8 disks or DVDA4.5. So I just ran the downloaded upgrade files. Amazing it took only 8 minutes to totally install, register and run both programs. Both came up fine. Now to really use them but I have never installed Vegas this fast on a machine. Thanks again.

Gary Ashorn