Upgrading to Screenblast Movie Studio

gogiants wrote on 8/27/2003, 1:41 PM
I've seen mention of folks upgrading from VideoFactory 2.0c for something like $29.95. Sounds great to me!

But I haven't been able to find a link or any information on the SonicFoundry site on how to do this. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place because of the Sony angle?

I'd appreciate specifics like:
1) Where did you find information on the upgrade? Do you have a link?

2) How was the upgrade process; smooth?

3) I've heard that you can download and install the upgrade (no shipped box). Can you confirm or deny that?

Thanks much!


Former user wrote on 8/27/2003, 1:46 PM
Hit the button on the top there that says Store, then Upgrades.

Dave T2
gogiants wrote on 8/27/2003, 2:12 PM
(Dave T2: Aha... I clicked on "Buy" but didn't see the "store" link.)

Well, within 15 minutes of posting to the forum and sending an e-mail to Sonic/Sony support, I had answers from both! Very impressive!

So, to summarize:

1) The direct link to the upgrade is: https://www.sonicfoundry.com/shopping/item.asp?PID=238

2) I'll report on the upgrade process. I'm told by Sonic/Sony support that the previous version need not even be installed on your target PC, so I'm assuming that the "upgrade" is actually a sort of full reinstall.

3) Sonic/Sony support says that the "download is no longer available, only the packaged version". Bummer, but for $29.95 to upgrade I can live with it.
hmartine_67 wrote on 8/28/2003, 2:00 PM
Is this the upgrade for Video Factory 2? I visited the link provided by Gogiants, and I did not see the upgrade version number. Can someone please reasure me that this is the upgrade for VF2.
Thank you.
Former user wrote on 8/28/2003, 2:09 PM
The upgrade page says Update Any Version of Video Factory. You have to enter your Serial Number so I assume if it is not a valid version it will let you know.

Dave T2
gogiants wrote on 8/28/2003, 2:35 PM
In my inquiry to Sonic Foundry support, I specifically mentioned both in my e-mail subject line and in the body of the e-mail that I was upgrading from VideoFactory 2.0c. They directed me to the link. The e-mail was definitely written by a live person based on other responses they provided in the message, so it wasn't some automated response.

Again, they also said that the machine on which you install the "upgrade" needn't even have the older copy of VideoFactory installed.

All signs point to this being the right upgrade for VideoFactory 2.0. I've not yet received the package but should be able to report for sure within a couple days.
Steve Grisetti wrote on 8/28/2003, 3:59 PM
It's not technically an "upgrade" at all, but a full-blown, complete app.

The price break is a courtesy to us current customers.

In other words, it will "upgrade" any Video Factory or Screenblast version.
mbryant wrote on 8/29/2003, 5:51 AM
I would like to purchase this upgrade, but as it costs $46.00 in postage to get the packaged version (I live in England) it isn't worth it, even if the $29.99 itself is a good deal.

Anyone know why they removed the option for downloading the software?

Aylwin wrote on 8/29/2003, 8:24 AM

You should be able to purchase it locally from any of the two distributors there: http://www.sonicfoundry.com/partners/intldist.asp?country=UK

I was one of the lucky ones but I'm also trying to find out why they would remove the download option. I imagine it will result in a significant amount of lost sales.
bansl wrote on 8/29/2003, 10:13 AM
Hmmm, well, I baulked at the $9.00 shipping charge, but after thinking about it for a while, went for it anyway.

I still cannot see why it is not offered as a download though - except I would feel pretty sick if it suddenly became a download having just coughed up for shipping.

So now I wait for it to arrive, and wait, and wait....
mbryant wrote on 8/29/2003, 10:20 AM
I got the following response from Sonic Foundry:

"Unfortunately for licensing reasons there will not be a download version
available any longer."

They pointed me to the distributors in the UK as well; they don't have this upgrade on their web site; I have mailed them asking if they have it.

This seems a big step backwards, to no longer offer downloadable software.

JohnnyRoy wrote on 8/29/2003, 11:55 AM
The bigger step backwards is no trial downloads either. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred people to VideoFactory by saying , “download the trial and see for yourself, you have nothing to loose”. I can’t do this anymore. This is NOT good. I hope this changes.

GerryLeacock wrote on 8/29/2003, 10:08 PM
Does anyone know of a Canadian distributor? The reason:

Your Cart: [edit cart]
Item Total: $29.95
Est. Shipping: $38.00
Total: $67.95

$38 bucks to ship to Canada!!?? This isn't Antarctica and it's arriving on the next supply ship!! You could throw a snowball from here and hit the US of A (we do it al the time).

DaveCT wrote on 8/30/2003, 12:03 AM
Well, if you live in Montreal I can bring you a copy when I go up there in September. :)

JohnnyRoy wrote on 8/30/2003, 9:30 AM

What you need to do is write a letter to Sony and complain. If they see enough people not buying their software because its not downloadable then perhaps they can make the business case to fix the licensing problem and offer the downloads once again. It always helps if you can point out a competitor that sells their software via download like Ulead does. I think your case exemplifies the problem since the shipping costs more than the software! It’s real important to complain so they know they are loosing business.

GerryLeacock wrote on 8/30/2003, 10:05 AM
To DaveCT: Reference you going to Montreal, please email me at gerry_leacock@mts.net

IanG wrote on 9/2/2003, 4:30 AM
I've just spoken to one of the UK distributors, SCV. They're expecting pricing info to be about 3 weeks behind the US, but the upgrades usualy cost about 1£ / $, and postage would be £5. I'd still prefer a downloadable version, but at least we're not completely isolated!

Ian G.
SonySCS wrote on 9/3/2003, 10:39 AM
I'm just going to add that I think the resellers' page is a bit hard to find (at least I always forget where to look). If you're looking for a distributor -- US or International -- you can try the partners page or other ways to buy


sioda wrote on 9/3/2003, 5:41 PM
I have the screenblast product and its the same look but I dont like being put into sonicMYDVD when creating mpeg1 or 2 - I like it the old way with main concept - I use to use MYDVD to render mpeg2 and it was ok - main concept produced better picture.
jtuffen wrote on 9/16/2003, 10:34 AM
So, any news on this? i.e. availability in the UK?? I have always purchased Sonic Foundry products (Sound Forge, Acid 4.0, VideoFactory, etc.) using the download option; now that is apparently dead, you (SoFo/Sony) will need to seriously update your distribution methods - quite frankly, where SoFo appas are available in the UK, they are *way* overpriced!

I object to paying more in postage than the product value! (cf. $29.95 vs. $46.00)