US4 Render Tab Is Sweet

randy-stewart wrote on 6/8/2008, 10:25 PM
Just used the new Render tab in Ultimate S 4 Pro to batch render 21 audio files. After cleaning up the audio, I put all 21 files on one timeline, defined each as a region with an individual name, went to the Render tab (that was already open on the US4 Tab), selected regions, identified the location I wanted them to go to, selected a render format, hit apply, and voiala! 21 files rendered, all named, and ready for burn to disk. Man, this new tab is another real time saver. Sweet!


farss wrote on 6/8/2008, 11:41 PM
Much quicker with the Multirenderer, just put all the files into the queue, tell it which template to use and where to put the rendered output and leave it to work.

I've got about 1TB of audio I'm gradually converting to .pca for archiving, the Veggie Toolkit makes this a trivial task.