SonyDennis wrote on 11/13/2002, 11:28 PM
Should be, but it should have been working in the beta as well. Is this USB2? If so, we have seen cases where you need to update your drivers to get the drive to be visible.
captn_spalding wrote on 11/14/2002, 7:37 AM
I had similar problems with my Plextor USB drive. CDA didn't see the drive. I run Win 2k with an Adaptec USB2/PCI card. My problem was solved by updating to the latest Adaptec driver.

captn_spalding wrote on 11/14/2002, 7:40 AM
..wait a minit, I see you are running xp which should have native (read microsoft) USB support. sorry about the static i just threw in

stevepow wrote on 11/14/2002, 1:17 PM
yep - USB2 on an Intel Board (D845GBV)and yes, XP has drivers in it - what drivers should I use or update to?
stevepow wrote on 11/14/2002, 3:05 PM
Seems it was the USB 2.0 support - I disabled that in the MOBO and now it works fine - not sure how that will affect it otherwise, but will give it a shot - thanks.