JakeHannam wrote on 4/27/2004, 12:26 PM
The LTD version included with Vegas is crippled. If you want to use it as a plugin with Vegas, it will cost you $149. The full version is supposedly a competitor to Adobe After Effects.
PAW wrote on 4/27/2004, 12:37 PM

$149 will buy you the titling software Graffiti, RED 3GL is the competitor to After Effects and costs a lot more.

Take a look at for the differences between the packages.

JakeHannam wrote on 4/27/2004, 2:54 PM
Thanks for the clarification, Paul. I got Red and Graffiti confused.

johnmeyer wrote on 4/27/2004, 3:55 PM
For comparisons of their products, click here:

Boris Product Comparisons

From the readme file that comes with the Boris standalone product bundled with Vegas, here is what is NOT included that you will get if you upgrade:


Graffiti 3.0 LTD is a limited version of the Boris Graffiti product and includes the Graffiti LTD KeyFramer stand-alone application only. The enclosed User Guide covers all of the features in Boris Graffiti, some of which are not included in Graffiti LTD and some of which are only included when you use Graffiti as a plug-in. For information on upgrading to the full version of Graffiti, see .Upgrade Information. on page 3. Features that are not part of this LTD version include the following.

3D Plane is the only shape available in Graffiti LTD. The Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Page Turn, 3D Line Art, and 3D Text shapes are not available in Graffiti LTD.

The Text tool and the Tool window are not available in Graffiti LTD. You must create text in the Text window.

3D Containers are not available in Graffiti LTD.

Graffiti LTD includes no filters.

Motion Blur is not available in Graffiti LTD.

The 3D Plane shape in Graffiti LTD does not have the Pivot, Camera, and Composite shape control tabs.

Graffiti LTD does not include the Composite tab which contains Apply Modes.

The Text on a Path feature is not available in Graffiti LTD.

Text Backdrops cannot be made in Graffiti LTD.

Graffiti LTD cannot create animated writing or .Type-On. effects.

There is also no animated tracking, letter skewing or letter scaling in Graffiti LTD. Additionally, letters cannot be spun, tumbled or rotated in 3D Space.

The Insert Text feature is not available in Graffiti LTD.

In Graffiti LTD, the Flat 3D shape’s Position tab does not offer the Tumble and Spin parameters. Tumble and Spin allow you to rotate an object around the X and Y axis, respectively. Graffiti LTD does include the Rotate parameter, which rotates objects around the Z axis.

Natural Media is not available in Graffiti LTD.

Graffiti LTD does not include Spline Primitives.

The Position tab also does not include the Tracking parameter. You can adjust text Tracking using the Text window's Tracking parameter, but controls in the Text window cannot be animated.

The Convert to Container feature is not available in Graffiti LTD.

You cannot create Texture maps in Graffiti LTD.
p@mast3rs wrote on 4/27/2004, 4:10 PM
So my question is really, what can Boris LTD do? Doesnt look like much. Thank God I have Red GL.