Used Vegas During A Presentation..

RNLVideo wrote on 6/3/2005, 4:58 AM
Just thought I'd share a quick story about using Vegas during a presentation at work.

We needed to be able to play content from 3 different corporate DVD's during a presentation / meeting. We had an agenda, but wanted to be flexible - meaning that we may need to switch up the order that we played the videos on the fly.

I copied the .vob files to my laptop, created a playlist in the DVD player - it could work, but it was kinda klunky. Thought about Vegas - since I have it on my personal laptop, I decided to use it instead.

- Renamed the.vob files to .mpg (each one was about 600mb)
- Dropped all three .mpg's onto the timeline
- Rendered 19 minutes of .mpg to .avi in a new track (only took about 17 minutes!)
- Dropped markers at the beginning of each piece in the single event so I could quickly navigate to a new starting point using control + arrow
- Hooked up the LCD projector; set Vegas to use the secondary display full screen
- As we were previewing the vids, I realized it needed some adjustment. While playing, I dropped the brightness / contrast filter onto the project window and adjusted to perfection while everyone watched. Then dropped a very thin colored border onto the project preview window & adjusted... Outstanding separation between the "screen" (a whiteboard) and the picture.... Just to be sure, I rendered this out to ensure the framerate wouldn't falter.
- The result? A great presentation that ran flawlessly at 29.97 fps, full screen w/o distraction to the viewer. Used the spacebar to play / pause and had quick navigation anywhere I wanted to be in the video sequence.

Oh - and one of my guys that runs an Avid dTective system full time was watching. He ws impressed!


smhontz wrote on 6/3/2005, 11:06 AM
What kind of laptop are you using (speed, etc.)? It takes forever for me to render MPG to AVI on my taptop.
RNLVideo wrote on 6/3/2005, 4:31 PM
Its a Fujitsu 1.7 Centrino w/ 512mb of RAM. I just picked it up a couple of weeks ago and love it!
p@mast3rs wrote on 6/3/2005, 5:53 PM
Glad you were impressed. :) Acid dTective just blows. I was NEVER impressed with it especially with the price. I had a friend who worked for FL DOE who used dTective and always heard about how it was awesome etc... Showed me one day the stuff it can do and I laughed. He said it was revolutionary because it allowed him to multicam security videos and then I showed him how to use Vegas with Excalibur and then his jaw dropped when he saw the ease and the speed it produced.

Lets just say his department has been converted. :)
RNLVideo wrote on 6/3/2005, 7:31 PM
Avid dTective has the corner on the market in the forensic world. Compared to the other forensic specific products out there, they're hard to beat because they (Avid & Ocean Systems) have been able to build forensically sound (admissible) processes. That took some dedicated engineering that the other major players lack. It would be very interesting for someone to see what Vegas is capable of in this world now that it can more easily ingest formats beyond DV-25.

I do like their demultiplex plugin - it makes it easy for folks to take video from proprietary multiplexed systems and quickly create a single stream. Were you showing Excalibur / Vegas on a quad screen setup or a true multiplexed tape?