Using 720p24 video in a 720p30 project?

gpsmikey wrote on 8/16/2013, 12:42 AM
OK, so I want to create a basic 720p HD video at 30fps but both my DSLR and my wife's P&S camera only shoot 720p video at 24fps. Is there a simple way to import that into the 30fps project and have it look/sound right ? I've spent quite a bit of time searching both the MS and Pro forums (I have both versions) although I have not installed Media Studio Platinum Suite 12 yet on this machine. (I want to use a 30fps project because some of the other video I have is 720p30 and my BD player (via USB flash drive) and TV seem happy with that format.

Any enlightenment is much appreciated !!



Ivan Lietaert wrote on 8/16/2013, 12:55 AM
Just throw it on the timeline. Make sure your project properties 'match' with the footage. (there is a button for this on the 'project properties' tab. In order to avoid 'ghosting', select all your clips on the timeline (CTRL+A), right-click on them, go to 'switches' and select 'disable smart sampling'. Then render your project using a 720p 30fps template.
gpsmikey wrote on 8/16/2013, 8:17 AM
Thanks, but the problem is that some of the source files are 24p (DSLR camera shots) while the rest of the source video is 30p. That is what was confusing me - I found many comments indicating "make the project match the source", but nobody seemed to deal with mixed frame rate sources. Do I "match" the 24p or the 30p? Or do I "match" the 24p, render the 24p clips to 30p then start a 30p project where all source is now 30p?

musicvid10 wrote on 8/16/2013, 9:22 AM
Just do as Ivan says, being sure to disable resampling. The 24p will not play perfectly, but will not ghost either.

Render as 30p, the Project settings will not affect the render in this case, but using a 30p project will give you a better preview of the output.

The alternative, for perfect motion, is Twixtor, which can be used inside Vegas Pro, not Movie Studio.
gpsmikey wrote on 8/16/2013, 12:28 PM
OK, so I set the project to 30fps (which matches the main footage) then toss the 24p stuff on the timeline with re-sample disabled or do I set the project to the 24p which doesn't match the main footage. I understood Ivan's comment about "matching", the problem is which of the two formats do I "match" to (my guess is the 30p since that will be the output format and matches the majority of the input format) since there are two different source formats.

Steve G: - if you see this, you may want to add a paragraph or so in your Movie Studio book - I wasn't able to find the issue of different source formats / rates mentioned in there either. :-)