Using the FX window/Plug-in Explorer in Vegas.

SonyMLogan wrote on 6/11/1999, 6:23 PM
Since the current doc files don't include a
description for how to set up plug-ins in Vegas Pro I'd
like to briefly describe the process here.

Plug-in Drag & Drop Information:


The FX button (on the track left, or on the mixer
view) will show up tinted green when plug-ins are present,
gray otherwise.

If you push the FX button when it's gray (no plug-ins)
the Plug-in chooser will be brought up to guide you through
creating a new chain.

If you push the FX button with the shift key held
down, the Plug-in chooser will be brought up. This is
handy if you want to quickly save a chain without having to
first bring up the FX view, then click the "Edit Chain"

If you push the FX button in any other case, the FX
view will be brought up.

Right-clicking on the FX button will bring up a popup
menu with options for bypassing, enabling, or deleting all
plug-ins in the chain.


The Plug-in explorer is used as a drag-source, and to
manage the plug-in file system.


The plug-in chooser is a modal version of the plug-in
explorer that helps guide the user to selecting plug-ins
and saved chains that are appropriate for the current
chain. The plug-in chooser is also the only place where
the user can save a chain.

Within the plug-in chooser the user can drag plug-ins
from the main explorer window to the chain box at the
bottom. The dragged plug-ins can be dropped at any
position within the chain; A flashing caret indicates where
the plug-in will be placed.

Plug-ins can also be dragged within the chain allowing

Dragging a saved chain into the chain box will result
in all the plug-ins being replaced by the contents of the
saved chain. This is indicated by a rectangle being drawn
around the chain box.

There are four buttons at the lower right which delete
the current plug-in in the chain, shift the plug-in right,
shift the plug-in left, and save the chain respectively.


If the plug-in chooser comes up without any plug-ins,
you can simply select the plug-ins you wish to add and
click on OK; the selected plug-ins will be added to the
chain. Otherwise the user would have to drag the plug-ins,
or select, press Add, then OK.


The FX view is used to edit the properties of the plug-
ins, and has limited chain-reordering capabilities.

The FX view comes up in two modes: a popup, and a
regular window. The popup mode has a shorter caption bar
with no label. As with other popup windows, the FX View in
popup mode will disappear if the user clicks the mouse
outside of the FX View popup.

The user can toggle the FX View between popup mode and
regular mode by clicking the push-pin button in the upper
right corner.

The user can also switch from popup mode to regular
mode by clicking on the popup's caption bar and dragging.
This provides a quick way to both switch modes and
reposition the window.

Plug-ins in the FX View's chain can be dragged within
the chain to allow reordering.

Each plug-in in the chain has an enable check-box.
When checked, the plug-in is enabled.

Right-clicking on a plug-in in the FX View chain
brings up a popup menu allowing the user to shift
left/right, delete, or select any plug-in in the chain.

Plug-ins and plug-in chains can be dragged from the
Plug-in explorer to the FX View. Dragging works the same
way as in the plug-in chooser. The FX View must be in
regular window mode during dragging.


Plug-ins dropped in the FX View window, but outside of
the chain area will be added at the end of the chain.


There is a special class of plug-ins optimized for use
in the track view, and only this kind of plug-in can be
dragged onto the track. These plug-ins are located in the
Plug-Ins/Audio/Track/FX folder in the Plug-In file system.

Track Plug-ins and chains can be dropped anywhere on
an existing track (on the header at the left, or onto the
media area)

Dropped plug-ins will be added at the end of the
existing track chain.

Dropped chains will replace the contents of the track
with the plug-ins saved in the chain.


Holding down shift while selecting "Delete All" from
the right-click FX popup menu will remove the plug-ins
without deleting the chain. This is useful if you want to
preserve the send levels from tracks and intend to add
plug-ins later.


How do you get audio to go through your FX Sends?
Make sure you have created the FX Sends and some tracks
with audio. Click on the text to the left of the bottom
fader on track you want to route to the FX Send. This will
bring up a popup, select the item corresponding to the FX
Send you wish to route through. Now drag the FX Fader on
the track to increase the level of the audio sent to the FX

Right-click on a track's send fader to bring up the
Pre/Post popup.


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