Using Vegas/Acid/Soundforge/ My productions and a trick or two!!

Arnar wrote on 1/30/2001, 9:20 AM
After being a bit disappointed about the video functions in
VegasVideo and displaying my disappointment here in the
forum i think its only fair that i talk a bit about the
good sides of SonicFoundry Products!

The best way for me to do that is to talk a bit about how i
use these products and admit to the fact that i use ONLY
Sonic Foundry products in all my music production.
After that you can (if you want) check out some of my work
by using the link supplied below.


All the sounds are initially synced to the same tempo in
Acid as i use acid only to preview the samples i have and
to get an idea for what works together.

Then i do edits in Soundforge and produce and mix the song
in Vegas.

I dont try to make songs in acid, i only make one or two
bars and then maybe i use like 40-50 tracks which i mute
and unmute and then i maybe have material for two or three
songs in that one project and i dont need to decide the
direction i want to take just yet.

After playing around with that for some time i just export
the tracks in the project tempo.

After i have exported all my sounds in to one folder I
start by setting Vegas to the right timing and set the grid
to the desired resolution.
After that i start pulling in some of the sounds and since
i have made sure in Acid that they pretty much work
together this is still a very open project and i can still
change my mind and take another direction if i want.

(*For me the most important thing is keeping the flow,
after having worked with MIDI and samplers for a few years
i started to get very frustrated about the fact that if i
spent alot of time cutting a beat in Recycle (sending to
the sampler/ doing all the programming) and then i might
decide it doesnt work or i am bored and want to take it to
another direction then i would be very time consuming and
it would totally break the flow*)

After getting down a basic structure i start recording some
of my synths into the mix using NO MIDI at all , i just
play them and record.
If it works it works if not i record until it does.
To me this is very different from the MIDI world where i
might spend hours getting the right slider movements and
opening the filter at just the right moment , dont get me
wrong that is very nice BUT i would rather spend time
getting the song together then spending hours tweaking
Again its a question of keeping flow!

When i have got the basics down for the track i use OPEN In
Soundforge extensively to take existing samples and tweAk
them or doing alternative versions of the samples i am
I make a new folder called edits and now I start doing
edits of various sounds and bring them into the mix to have
a bit more options and some stuff to play with.


What i do is that after i have got the basic track together
i take the drum loop that started the track and open it in
Recycle and cut it to pieces and from there i just export
it as wave files and guess what! If you select all the
pieces in the Vegas Explorer and bring them all in to a
track they line up in such a manner that they play just as
the original loop, but you have all the pieces and then its
just a matter of setting the grid to a desired value and
start shuffling the pieces around (very much like a MIDI
sequencer except its faster and more creative as in the you
can esily put all the snares on one track and the hihats on
another.Usually this cost me all the eight outputs of my
sampler and its nowhere near as effective.)

SEMI-AUTOMATED-FX or at least Dynamic Direct FX!!

After working with samplers for a long time i started to
miss the fact that i could program filter sweeps and all
kind of fx with midi and i started to be a bit pissed about
the fact that you cant automate the fx in Vegas .
So what i do is I bounce the stuff i want to filter or mess
with, be it a drum track or the whole mix (a la Disco
House) and I run the sound on a soloed track and i set
Soundforge in record mode and record when i am messing with
the plugin .
Quite simple and quite effective!

Anyways ....Bottom line!

I do have access to Pro-Tools and even though the
routing/Recording ,effects and a few other things are more me NOTHING is as intuitive and creative as
working with these three programs together and i emphasize
the word Together!

I use Soundforge,Acid and Vegas for all my production and i
am loving it! (I havent turned on my Emu-6400 sampler for 5
months now...I´m serious!)

If you want to have a listen to some of my productions then
just use copy and paste this link in your browser!

Im hoping to see other forum users talk about their
productions and techniques as i think this is the perfect
place for that and not just for complaining:)



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