V3 CD burning question

edna6284 wrote on 7/2/2002, 2:55 PM

Just a quick Q about CD burning in V3: I presume you basically are limited to burning whatever song/project you're working on from V3, or can you use V as a post-production tool, bringing in all your finished mixes, assigning track indexes, fades, etc? Is there a facility for including no silences between tracks, as there was with CD Arch?

Thanks for your time,


Chienworks wrote on 7/2/2002, 8:27 PM
You can do all that right in Vegas. I've never seen CD Architect, but apparently Vegas includes everything it used to do, and a few thousand other things besides.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 7/3/2002, 6:21 AM
Yeah, those 'few thousand other things' get in the way .....
Chienworks wrote on 7/3/2002, 7:40 AM
Geoff, how so? Drop your audio tracks on the timeline, overlap for crossfades, set volumes if necessary, drop in track markers, burn to CD. All very simple and straightforward. What interferes with you doing that?