v5 takes forever to open

[r]Evolution wrote on 4/23/2004, 5:54 PM
I'm curious if anyone else has to wait a long time for v5 to open? v4 opens in @5 secs. v5 takes @20 secs and sometimes doesn't even open at all. I look into task manager and sometimes it shows v5 with 0% and other times it will show it at 90some%. There are no other programs or processes running. Only system idle & VEGAS. I sit and ctrl+alt+del and end the process several times before it finally decides to open. This happens when I'm opening VEGAS with no project loaded and when I'm opening VEGAS via a project. It just sits there on the Splash Screen.

Anyone else experiencing this?

P4, 2.4, 1024 DDR, Asus MoBo


Nat wrote on 4/23/2004, 6:12 PM
V4 opens faster here but v5 opens in around 9 seconds.
JL wrote on 4/23/2004, 6:21 PM
I'm seeing no difference between V4 and V5 load times, about 4 seconds on my system. I'm running XP Pro and the trial version of V5.

JakeHannam wrote on 4/23/2004, 6:30 PM

I had a problem similar to this a few days ago. This is probably not your situation but just in case ...

With an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro video card, and the latest ATI drivers, I found out that the new drivers (4.2, 4.3, and 4.4) disabled Adobe Gamma (necessary for Adobe Photoshop). ATI posted a hot fix that let you use Adobe Gamma again. So I installed it. However, for some unknown reason, my programs suddenly took REALLY long times to open. Even CTL-ALT-DEL didn't bring up Task Manager for a long time. Solution was to uninstall the hot fix and reinstall the ATI driver/ Of course, no Adobe Gamma again until ATI posts a new driver..

So, IF you have an ATI Radeon video card, and IF you did what I did, this is your problem. Just uninstall the hot fix and reload the ATI driver.

If you don't have an ATI, then someone else should be able to offer suggestions.

stormstereo wrote on 4/24/2004, 2:46 AM
Not a solution but: This happens to me with Adobe Illustrator. But then I have many fonts that it needs to chew through on start. The first time I start it it takes a looong time and at the end says something like "couldn't perform the requested operation" and closes down. But the second time it works and it does load quicker.
Maybe you'd like to analyze and repair your registry with "Advanced Registry Doctor Pro" or "jv16". Could be something fishy there, and then again - maybe not.

I have GeForce 440 Go Dell Mobile BTW.