ForumAdmin wrote on 1/30/2007, 3:08 PM
x_gogoa wrote on 1/30/2007, 3:55 PM
why it can't be seen on blackmagic's site? nor vegas's?

farss wrote on 1/30/2007, 4:51 PM
It's in the release notes for 7.0, BMD haven't updated their info since V6.0, maybe I should give them an earfull, there's at least one Vegas user in their midst.

Thanks ForumAdmin for the prompt response.
GaryAshorn wrote on 1/30/2007, 8:09 PM
I just wish I could find rock solid information that there is a driver that I can do frame accurate control with Vegas to my decks and perform insert editing back and forth between the decks and hard drives. That would make it the most useful for me. Please some one between Vegas and Decklink get this worked out. Thank you.

farss wrote on 1/31/2007, 12:40 AM
Haven't tried doing inserts as the only DB deck we now have is the BVW 250P field recorder and that doesn't support insert edits.

Apart from a few teething problems I've been able to capture 4 audio tracks from DB tapes, our 4 channel ident tape lines up with what ends up in Vegas, hooray!

One trap that really threw me at first is the audio buss routing. After I installed the new driver the buss master got routed to the Decklink card, to which I had no monitors connected . In the process of fixing that I seem to have broken the audio capture over SDI, damn. I'm sure I'll sort it out, might need to go back and do a bit more RTFM.

Also tested bwf import today and that works fine too, starting to really fall in love with 7.0d.

ForumAdmin wrote on 1/31/2007, 8:01 AM
"I just wish I could find rock solid information that there is a driver that I can do frame accurate control with Vegas to my decks and perform insert editing back and forth between the decks and hard drives. "

With Vegas 7.0d and Decklink driver 5.6 (no other!) and Decklink PCI cards like the HD Pro:


You should be able to capture via SDI in the following formats:

NTSC (480 or 486), PAL, HD-1080 50i, HD 1080 60i, HD 1080 24p

Frame accurate log/capture/recapture is supported, with either DF and NDF timecode.

All audio channels supported by the SDI deck are supported.

Component capture via any Decklink using any driver including 5.6 within Vegas is not supported at all, has not been tested, likely will not work at all.


You should be able to print to tape with frame accuracy via SDI in the following formats:

NTSC (486 or 480), PAL, HD-1080 50i, 1080 60i, 1080 24p

Frame accurate insert editing is supported, with either DF and NDF timecode for all of the above formats. You can also insert edit per channel (audio 1/2 only, video only etc).

All audio channels supported by the SDI deck are supported.

Component print to tape via any Decklink using any driver including 5.6 within Vegas is not supported at all, has not been tested, likely will not work at all.


You should be able to monitor via SDI or component in the following formats:

NTSC (486), PAL, HD-1080 50i, 1080 60i, 1080 24p

This is the only component aspect that is supported in Vegas 7- monitoring only.

Same story with AJA Xena- same functionality as Decklink.

Clarifying further what is not supported:

-Component capture

-Component print to tape

-Formats other than NTSC (480 or 486), PAL, HD-1080 50i, HD 1080 60i, HD 1080 24p.

-If you are a beta SP user, or a DV/DVCAM/DVCPro user, you will need an SDI board in your deck if you want frame accurate print to tape, or insert editing, or multichannel audio, none of these can be done using 1394 or component or via any other method when using Vegas 7.
GaryAshorn wrote on 1/31/2007, 7:29 PM
Well, thank you very much and you answered exactly what I needed to know. My only problem is your last two lines killed it all for me as those are the formats I was wanting to have access to with Vegas. So I will stay with my dual use setup between Vegas and VM to do my work. It works fine, just wanted to do it all in one package. Right now I can not upgrade all my formats to decks that support an SDI card. Sigh, one day maybe but not today. Now is the lottery ticket pays off it will be a different story. Thank you very much though.

farss wrote on 2/1/2007, 12:33 AM
Even with a deck like the BVW 75 with the SDI option card that we have you're not out of the woods, the SDI card doesn't embed the audio it seems. The J30 VCRs which are player only decks do embed the audio however for SP they really should only be considered preview decks.
One not too expensive box to look at is the SD Connect from Convergent Design, you should be able to arrange for a 'loan' unit to try before you buy. The guys at Convergent are Vegas aware.

GaryAshorn wrote on 2/1/2007, 4:34 PM
Thanks for the info and I will check it out. I still have and use my old UVW1800 and have a Panasonic AJD650 along with a lot of other old but great working and good production value. With the VM/DPR I digitized at 3:1 compression 4:2:2 with MJPEG files. Works great but the system has limited track layering ability. But great editing speed with NLE to Tape and back and mixed all frame accurate insert editing. Most of my work is cut and edit so it is good. But Vegas offers the other flexibilities except for the speed of editing and such that I have with a linear system. So looking for the marriage. Right now I move the projects back and forth but not easily. I will check out the other listing. Again, thank you very much.
mikelinton wrote on 2/1/2007, 6:16 PM
I hate to disagree with you but that's not entirely true. While it may not be supported, it does work through Component. We've successfully captured loads of material through our DeckLink SP in Vegas 6, and 7. Haven't tried capture in 7.0d (since we've gone back to 7.0c - see below).

Print to tape works, but our UVW-1800 doesn't want to insert audio... but this appears to be an issue with our deck, as it won't insert using the BMD Deck Control software either...

On another note - it seems in 7.0c and 7.0d there is no longer an option in the Preview Device Preferences to use 720x480 with the DeckLink- what gives? We now only have 720x486, which is creating huge headaches for us since most of our source material is 720x480 DV... We used to work at 720x480 on the timeline just fine, use the DeckLink for preview, render to YUV at 720x480, print to tape etc. without any issues. Now we're constantly having to fiddle to get footage to work properly with the extra 6 fields.

What gives? I've contacted tech support, and so far have only received what appear to be automated responses which have nothing to do with the issue above.
GaryAshorn wrote on 2/2/2007, 1:41 PM
And hence my original comment about what is the real deal using Vegas, component signals and frame accurate insert editing and for now only decklink as the controller. I will wait to see the answer I guess.

farss wrote on 2/2/2007, 2:30 PM
Is this another case of using something that's unsupported but appears to work and then they changed something that broke the "works but unsupported" useability?
mikelinton wrote on 2/8/2007, 2:26 PM
It might be, which is why I've posted in several forums about it - but haven't received a single response (apparently I'm the only one on the planet who uses a Decklink with Vegas?)

If it's only happening on our DeckLink SP - fair enough. However, the DeckLink SP has SDI out, just like all the models above it... so by all accounts, there should be the same functionality with it on preview, and print to tape through SDI as all the other cards (and according to BMD - the way Sony writes the interface for it, Vegas likely doesn't know the difference between an SP, Extreme, or otherwise). By default the SP is outputting Component, and SDI at the same time...

It's quite possible Vegas was never supposed to support 720x480 with the DeckLink - but it worked fine since version 6.0 came out... the Decklink itself supports that resolution, and we've done dozens of projects with it captured, previewed, rendered, and printed to tape at 720x80 until 7.0c came along.
farss wrote on 2/9/2007, 2:09 AM
have you updated the BMD drivers to 5.6?
mikelinton wrote on 2/9/2007, 9:20 AM
Yep, we're running 5.6... as I mentioned, rolling Vegas back to 7.0b works fine. So it's definately something Sony has changed.
farss wrote on 2/9/2007, 2:02 PM
trying to help as best I can but it's difficult as I don't have any NTSC tapes nor the same card. I've got the poverty pack basic Decklink card.
I installed Vegas 7.0d, uninstalled all the BMD drivers etc and installed the 5.6 pack D/L ed from BMD, the last part took a bit of doing with several restarts required to get it all bedded in.

At first only BMDs own capture app would work, the Vegas capture seemed to have deck control but no vision in the preview window, just the BMD splash screen etc. Finally found I had to uncheck "Disable 3rd party codecs" in Vegas itself and then Bingo, we have vision.

Now I agree that Vegas probably wouldn't know which card you have installed and the A to D and D to A conversion should be internal to the BMD card. I'd suspect that when Sony say analogue is unsupported they just mean they haven't / cannot test it so there's no way they can certify it as working. As we have no specific info though that's only a guess, it could be that it's hard coded to not work, who knows.

But from what you're saying is it that it all works at 720x486, the only problem is it doesn't support / work at 720x480?

Must admit I don't quite understand how the 720x480 material came into existance, I handle all my PAL footage as 720x576 although I see options to use a slightly smaller frame size and I've always wondered why it's there. Does this have anything to do with blanking things like line 21?

Have you tried doing the same thing with BMDs own capture utility?