V8 - 24p - 3:2 pull down

Terje wrote on 9/1/2007, 3:04 AM
I got the Canon HV20 some time back, and for some things I really like the 24p feature. It is, for example, great for in-door shots that are relatively low on camera movement. The extra light makes a big difference IMHO.

Problem is, as most probably know, that Canon and Sony as well, do not mark the video stream properly for pull down, so pull down has to be detected and then performed. I currently do this using tools downloaded from the hv20 forum, and it works great. It does involve a few extra steps however...

So, I read about the improved 24p support in V8, and I am a little unclear as to where this support actually is. I read it some places as for DV only, other places for HDV too. In some places it looks like it is an improvement in rendering, not in capture. So on and so forth.

So, given the announcement, and that spilling beans on an issue that is announced but not 100% clear, can anyone tell me (and others) wheter Vegas can now do 3:2 pull down from a 24p shoot embedded in a 60i stream? For Canon and Sony?


blink3times wrote on 9/1/2007, 4:53 AM
I've wondered the same thing (and in fact mentioned it in another thread). As far as I know, Vegas 8 will be the same as in Vegas 7 from this respect... the pull down must be flagged in order for Vegas to deal with it.

I'm still using Cineform to deal with my HV20 and most likely will have to continue on this route with Vegas 8.
CClub wrote on 9/1/2007, 5:34 AM
Until someone gives that information, can you direct me to the tools you have from the HV20 forum you mentioned?

Edit: never mind... found it on hv20.com.