V8b & Decklink?

quoka wrote on 3/12/2008, 8:29 PM
Any one tried the latest BMD drivers for Decklink -
"DeckLink 6.6.4 for Win XP, Server 2003 & Vista Ultimate" with V8b ?
(released 06 March 08)
I'm still waiting to move onto Version 8, but can't because Vegas hasn't had Capture and Print To Tape working correctly with Decklink cards. I'm still using V7 with Decklink, but want to move up to V8 so we can start using PTT.(Pro Type Titler - not to be confused with PTT - print To Tape!!)
I wasted 2 whole days when V8 was released trying to get it working and don't want to go through that again to see if it works - it was quite painful.
Anyone tried it??


x_gogoa wrote on 3/13/2008, 12:50 PM
decklink 6.6.4 is beta release for v8 but it works for me. i have decklink SD extreme and now i can capture from sdi or analog component input, preview on external monitor and ptt over analog component output. sdi ptt i cannot try 'couse i haven't digi beta recorder but i beleave it works. one thing strange to me (the same was with v6 and 4.8.1) is that whatever i select (all ch or one of them, v/a1/a2 to record to) my betacam inserts video only. ok, sony doesn't support analog ptt but that is mather of universal sony-p9(rs-422) protocol command.

quoka wrote on 3/13/2008, 7:56 PM
Great to hear that you have it working Gordan!

Quite frustrating to have to ask users if it works rather than BMD or SCS letting us know that it works.

We also get the same result on output to Beta SP - can only select all channels to insert edit to. We use Decklink cards(SDI only) so go via our Digibeta machine into the SP - using it to convert sound and pictures to analogue and pass it through. When we want to restripe just the audio we have some one standing next to the BetaSP deck, and once we have hit the final button for output within Vegas as soon as the deck starts pre-rolling, we quickly take the deck out of remote - turn off the audio channnels - and turn back on the remote. Archaic but it works.

I'm now waiting for the XP_x64 version of BMD Decklink 6.6.4 to be released. We use mixes of XP & XP_64 with Decklinks & Vegas so want to have all systems using V8Pro, before we upgrade just one.

John Cline & Farss's discussion about using the Intensity card could be quite exciting for the future of I/O & monitoring on HD LCD's, I'll be keenly following that discussion.