Vasst Ultimate & GrafPaks

nedski wrote on 12/26/2010, 3:04 PM
I have Ultimate S Pro 4.1.4 for Sony Vegas Pro 9e & 10b (32 & 64 bit). running on Vista 64.

I only see five effects each from GrafPak 1 and GrafPak 2 in the lower thirds menu yet there are at least twenty five effects in each GrafPak folder.

I thought that Ultimate S Pro included all of the GrafPak 1 & 2 effects?
How can I install the rest of the GrafPak effects?

The Vasst website has no "support" option anymore.


Kimberly wrote on 12/26/2010, 3:35 PM
Hello Ned:

I have Ultimate S . . . I will check to see what I have on the GrafPaks.

Also those Vasst guys are pretty fasst (pun intended) at answering their emails. If you select Help when you are in Ultimate S, you should have a support email:

I'll check my GrafPaks and post back.

Kimberly wrote on 12/26/2010, 4:09 PM
Hey Ned:

My Ultimate S has GrafPaks 1 and 2 (GP1 and GP2). Within that drop-down box there are a zillion options for each Paks. Okay maybe not a zillion, but a lot. So if you have just a few options for each, you may be missing something. Email the support and I bet they will give you a speedy reply. They were speedy when I had a question a few weeks ago.

I also checked the site regarding the GrafPaks and it says:

Important Note: If you already own Ultimate S 2.0 or greater, you already have this GrafPak. It was included in the XTras package.

Do you have the XTras package? I cannot remember if that loaded automatically or if I had to do a separate installation. Maybe the other options are there.

Good luck.


nedski wrote on 12/26/2010, 4:31 PM

I dug out the US3XtrasInstaller-3.0.0.exe and reran it, there are still only five of each GrafPaks showing up in Ultimate S and also in the freeware GrafPak viewer.

I haven't tried to un-install and re-install.

The Vasst website used to have updates available, I guess they're in the middle of redoing their website?

I sent an email to Vasst just a little while ago. No big hurry, I can always simply use the VEG's in the GrafPak folders to make different lower-thirds.

JohnnyRoy wrote on 12/27/2010, 7:10 AM
Hi Ned,

I just send you an email with a link to the USProExtras installer. We don't make this available on our web site because it contains a lot of content that can't be protected so we really can't allow just anyone to download it. It should have been sent to you when you originally purchase Ultimate S Pro 4. Let us know if you need anything else.


John Rofrano
VASST / Sundance Media Group
nedski wrote on 12/27/2010, 9:40 AM

Downloaded and installed, thanks!

I've had Ultimate S Pro since version 2. I probably didn't download the newer version of the GrafPaks when I upgraded Ultimate.

I didn't really need any lower-thirds effects until recently, so that's why I never took a thorough look at that part of Ultimate S Pro.

Thanks to you and Kimberly for the quick responses. :-)