Vegas 1.0b/DSPF cant record in mono!?

Sonsong wrote on 9/5/2000, 2:35 PM
Hello, i am first time poster, and it may have been an
oversite or a late nite on my part,

But using the following, i have been able to record only
stereo tracks, no mono!!!

athlon 700
256 meg pc133
dspf--using digital in/out
O1v mixer using spdif out
Lui 1.14

I know that the digital ins on the dspf are channels 19 and
20, using lui those are bussed to Vegas. I arm the tracks
and begin recording... stereo tracks every time. I need
mono for guitar, vocals etc!!! What am i doing wrong, this
is a bit confusing. I am new to Vegs and in general it has
been fairly intuitive but this has got me. Could someone
help me and go thru the bus/aux. settings for the dspf and
Vegas to do this. Feel free to email me if you need too!

Thanks so much and God bless,

PS-- any other tips on using the 01v, dspf, lui, vegas etc.
Feel free to pour out your knowledge upon me...setup,
config. routing, efx stuff etc


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