Vegas 12/14 ASIO drivers problem

VStoyanov wrote on 8/11/2018, 3:00 AM


I'm using Vegas for years. Great software. But recently, after updating to 64bit WIN10 versions - Vegas pro 12&14, I have problems with my Steinberg UR242 ASIO drivers. They simply not working. Glitches, shuttering and at the end - they completely stopped.

I'm with latest driver/windows/vegas updates, tried different buffer settings, started Vegas in compatibility mode - nothing helped.

I can switch to Windos audio drivers, but I'll lose all the benefits that native Steinberg ASIO drivers are providing. All other DAW software, that I'm using working with the ASIO drivers flawlessly.

Please help me with that issue.

Thanks in advance!


Michael-Schuberth wrote on 1/9/2019, 4:47 PM

This problem is in all Vegas versions since V 11. Magix has done nothing about it. As an audio DAW Vegas is no longer viable which is ironic as Vegas started as an audio DAW...I know because I started with Vegas Audio 2.0

ryclark wrote on 1/10/2019, 11:28 AM

Unfortunately other people are also having loads of problems recently with other media editing software on updated Win 10 PCs with Steinberg/Yamaha audio interfaces. So it seems to be a combination of the Steinberg ASIO driver requirements, Windows 10 updates and particular PC's hardware set up.unfortunately.

mateuszszar wrote on 1/11/2019, 7:20 AM

vegas still can not properly support ASIO drivers. I wrote about it both to support vegas and to support the sound card. But this is not the fault of the card - it works correctly on other programs.

VStoyanov wrote on 1/11/2019, 9:39 AM

Yes. Still having problems with ASIO and 64 bit VST drivers. It's a shame that such a good product with brilliant interface cannot be used properly for audio production. And I think that it was no big effort to upgrade VST server to 64 bit and improve handling of audio drivers... I wrote to Vegas support many times with no success.

Michael-Schuberth wrote on 1/17/2019, 10:56 AM

I recently have had contact with Magix support about this very issue and they are aware of it. They had a couple of 'solutions' but alas nothing changed. VStoyanov, Vegas Pro does support 64bit VST plugins (just not very well and that may be the heart of the matter...?). ryclark, I use RME interfaces with Native Instrument and Softube VST pluging and have had these issues since Vegas 11 (64bit) For some 'odd' reason the last 32bit version of Vegas (11) had none of these issues. So now , I do video in Vegas Pro 16 and audio in Vegas Pro 11 (32bit). That's 5 versions of the program without fixing this very important issue...? Magix should be rather embarrassed that it's customers have to resort to these kinds of work around's to use their product properly. sorry, I think I'm venting :)


Slicknot wrote on 5/13/2019, 6:30 AM

Hi Michael-Schuberth, I downloaded a version of Vegas Pro 16 to compare against Video Pro X, but Vegas throws up an issue (specifically "throw regopenkeyex(candidatekey)in copyestimatedsize() )with the Yamaha Steinberg driver, probably because I have Cubase Pro 9 on my system. Do I understand correctly there is not really a fix for this? You mention you do Video in Vegas Pro 16 - any guidance on any workaround to open the program? Maybe I should just stick with Video Pro X !! thanks in anticipation.

mateuszszar wrote on 6/23/2019, 9:54 AM

Any chance to repair problem with ASIO in Vegas? Every time after render, I see the information:

"The ASIO device Komplete Audio 6 caused an internal exception (0xe06d7363) and has been disabled.
The ASIO device Komplete Audio 6 caused an internal exception (0xe06d7363) and has been disabled."

Change devices on "classic windows drivers" helped. Since may 2019.


After Windows 10 may update, I have new error:

"An error occured white starting playback. The request is not enabled for this device."