Vegas 12 Audio Wishlist


rraud wrote on 11/18/2011, 9:40 AM
I have two XP machines (DT & LT) in addition to my Vista 'internet/administrative' PC. That's 'one' of the reasons I'm not upgrading to 11.
LoTN wrote on 11/18/2011, 1:12 PM
I might have mentioned before 9!), but I want the Groupded Tracks to become full Folder Tracks, but even moreso than in Acid. I want the folder track to not only have overall Solo and Mute ((thanks !) but overall Group FX and at least level automation

You should have a try with Reaper in which a parent track act like a folder with expand/collapse on both mixer and TL. There are many many many nice things that make Reaper definitively worth its price for home users and small businesses.