Vegas 13 bug

DiDequ wrote on 10/8/2014, 2:52 AM
Here is a small bug for Sony Scs with Vegas 13, in case it was not mentionned on this forum:

1 load a video clip on the timeline

2 using the Project media Window, add some video clips with the import button.
Don't use them on the timeline.
Select one of them and press play from that window.
The clip plays in the Preview window.

3 from the Preview window, press the stop button - the video stops. This si OK

4 from the Project media Window press the play button again.
Now, the stop button from the Preview window does not work anymore.

Worse, if you now press the play button from the Project media Window, you will listen to the sounds of both vidéos playing at the same time.

This is not really annoying but this could be solved in a future upgrade.


Steve Mann wrote on 10/9/2014, 12:39 AM
Can't duplicate it here. All play/stop buttons work as expected.
ushere wrote on 10/9/2014, 2:36 AM
ditto here - all ok
Grazie wrote on 10/9/2014, 3:20 AM

Steve and Leslie I had to follow EXACTLY what the OP wrote, and I did repro this. I've experienced this and just did a mental shrug of the shoulders and got on with editing . . . It's as if the LAST Control had/has control and wont pass over to the newly acquired Control, ie: Going from Project Media to Project Preview. Probably the way that Vegas is programmed to deal with what item has control at that time. Dunno....


Steve Mann wrote on 10/9/2014, 9:20 PM
I did precisely follow the OP's steps, and then a few other combinations of my own. None failed.
ushere wrote on 10/9/2014, 10:04 PM
ditto steve's experience....

these things are sent to try us ;-)
Grazie wrote on 10/9/2014, 10:57 PM
Sure, understood Steve.

OK, could it now be down to the differences in the arrangement of our respective Window Pane Groups/Docking. Somewhere in the dim past I'm remembering issues emerging from how panes of Vegas Docked Panes are arranged.


DiDequ wrote on 10/10/2014, 1:31 AM
I'm using the french version of Vegas pro 13.
Reboting the Pc and creating a very simple project : same bug - always present.

I'm using 2 screens :
Screen 1 (right) is a 1920x1080, 120 hz monitor (Asus) With the 3D vision kit from Nvidia - driver 340.52.
Screnn 2 (left) is a 1920x1200 Belinea monitor.

I get the same problem with only one screen. Id est all panels anchored in the same window.

I'm using 2 audio cards, and frequently swap from one to the other : Creative Xfi or Tascam Us 600.
But I only swap when opening/creating another project.

Finaly, if you select another scene and click back on the one you want to have a look at, there is no bug.
Bug only appear if you just click the play - stop buttons as explained above.

Seven (pro, french) is up to date (Windows update), 24 Gb Ram but only 1.2 Gb space for swap file.
The only other audio software installed are Cubase LE5, Audacity, Spotify.
I had uninstalled Vegas 12 / rebooted the pc prior to installing Vegas 13.
15 gb free space on C (ssd), but ALL files used /created by Vegas are written on another WD drive, 637 gb free space today.
Processor : I7 /12 threads, 3.2 ghz, NOT overclocked even if it works fine at 4.2 Ghz.

I'm using Linux for internet applications, Gimp& Blender. Most of the time, the W Seven gateway does not allow Seven on the internet.
Before writing, I checked my computer with
- chkdsk c: :f
Notihng wrong was detected.

I understand some of you cannot reproduce this bug and do not know why.
My post was simply to inform the Sony team - it's a minor bug.