VidMus wrote on 5/10/2016, 12:08 AM
Is there a link?
Richard Jones wrote on 5/10/2016, 4:22 AM
I posted the following in another thread:-

[I] I found the following post dated 3 May by Christopher Young on the forum:

"As you well know I posted some of the publicity shots for the New Vegas 14 release which got released to the dealers. Dealers also received pricing information for Vegas 14. From what I understand dealers were told to hold off just days before the release which I was informed was supposed to be April 5th from memory. In other words I still believe Vegas 14 will happen.

Re the unexpected delays. I am hearing similar stories and that the sudden holdup might have something to do with the QuickTime issue and having to go back into coding to enable support of .MOV files without having to rely on Apple's 32-bit QuickTime support. If that's the case I am more than happy to wait. Time will tell I guess!"

He seems to knopw something we don't but, if he's right, its splendid news.[/i]

monoparadox wrote on 5/10/2016, 8:50 AM
Even if Vegas were alive, it seems SCS is moribund if not dead. I even noticed the last posting by anyone "official" in the Catalyst forum had a straight "Sony" icon tag rather than "SCS."

My best guess is Sony has whatever remains of SCS on life support. At best SCS was always a stepchild of Sony -- lost in the shuffle of a huge corporation seeking avenues of profit. One would think they've been trying to unload SCS for some time and now there's little to nothing left. Perhaps an opportunity for someone, but we're living in very tenuous times.

-- tom
Tech Diver wrote on 5/10/2016, 9:55 AM
It is quite possible that release 14 was being worked on but is now on hold. Whenever a major version of software is released, it is always followed by a series of point releases to fix bugs that were introduced in the build. In other words, a commitment for several months effort beyond the initial release. If SCS is indeed in a winding-down mode, I really don't think they would bother releasing v14 even if it is "waiting in the wings".

videoITguy wrote on 5/10/2016, 12:52 PM
Folks, if Vegas 14 were a version in serious beta test for the last year, and if it were even close to being released as an upcoming version - then...

1) There would be prelim hype on the Facebook page
2) There would be an SCS presence at NAB 2016 - and there was NOT!
3) If SCS presence were anywhere - they would say "coming soon to a computer near you " and there is NOT a hint of that!

It is very possible that an anticipated release of post version 13 was anticipated by marketing branch, but not nearly close to consumer release at all by development team- due to the overwhelming market forces....
DGates wrote on 5/10/2016, 3:30 PM
Don't get too excited. If you look at the fine print on that Australian website, the Vegas 14 'suite' is actually Vegas 10 and Vegas 4 bundled together.

= ]
NormanPCN wrote on 5/10/2016, 3:47 PM
If Vegas 14 does come out I would not be surprised if it were something like Vegas 13 was verses 12. Not very many changes other than bundled stuff.

If you need Quicktime. With the whole Quicktime brewhaha I noticed that Vegas wants a full Qt install including the player. Some other NLEs get by with just the quicktime essentials installed, sans player. SCS could address that, if possible, but then a V13 Bxxx release should probably address that.
VidMus wrote on 5/10/2016, 4:15 PM
NormanPCN said, "...I noticed that Vegas wants a full Qt install including the player."

I recently built my new system and did not install Quick time and Vegas works fine. I do not use *.mov files or any files that require QT. I have Sony cameras that do not use QT and I do not use any other types of files that use QT.

So as far as I am concerned, QT does not matter at all.

As for my needs, SCS could go ahead and release Vegas 14 without the QT support and then add full QT support in a build later on. At least for me, there would be a Vegas 14 without the wait.
set wrote on 5/10/2016, 6:10 PM
I ignore that QT warning, because I know I need that.
And, so far I don't have any security issue.

This seems similar to Dropbox app in my Android Phone where it is detected as Vulnerable / Malware risk by the FlymeOS built-in security app from Meizu M2 Note (a modified Android OS, for working with Meizu phone). I ignore that.