Vegas 17.0 recording/playback crashes 0-16min with Behringer x18

dennis-cook wrote on 3/1/2020, 10:00 AM

Recording a single mono channel crashes every 0-16min. The record timer and position cursor keep running, but the audio stops recording. The displayed audio stops and the actual recording stops. Usually I can save the project and restart Vegas to save the recording and then restart recording. Sometimes Vegas totally crashes and I must use the Windows Task Manger to close it. Recovery of the audio is sometimes possible.

The problem also occasionally occurs on playback while editing. The audio stops or won't start. Again I can usually save the project and restart Vegas to continue.

Hardware: Dell Inspiron 7586 with direct USB connection to Behringer X18

Sofware: Windows 10 with latest updates, Behringer X Air ASIO driver with latest update and Vegas 17.0 build 421

Buffering 2048 samples.

The problem does not happen with either Windows Recorder or Audacity.


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