Vegas 17 not remembering Lexicon PCM Native + some other settings

JimHWiltshire wrote on 7/19/2020, 7:33 AM

Any tips on what may be happening here?: Vegas 17 isn't retaining the state of some plugins (mostly Lexicon PCM Native Reverb). And some other settings, too, including: 'Show' settings in the Mixing console (E.g. it re-enables Show All each time I load a session) and FX window sizes, etc. Thanks.


Dexcon wrote on 7/19/2020, 7:43 AM

Re FX Window size not remembering it's previous size - it's a known problem in VP17. Hopefully will be solved in VP18 - please Vegas Creative Software.

Though I have no way of knowing, perhaps this problem also ripples through to 3rd party plugins like the ones you mention.

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JimHWiltshire wrote on 7/19/2020, 8:00 AM

Thank you. Yes, it's a bit unclear if the issue is with Lexicon, etc. or with Vegas itself (as most of my plugins do retain their states). I haven't had this issue with previous versions of Vegas, and it's a massive drag having to literally take a photo of Lexicon settings to manually restore each time. I *love* using the Lexicon reverb in my music mockups so I'm actually thinking of going back to an ancient version of Vegas, when I need to use it. Not what you'd expect to have to do in 2020, but there you go!

fred-w wrote on 7/19/2020, 11:25 AM

Save you lexicon setting as a plugin preset. Then save Vegas project. See if that works, if not, you can still, more easily, recall the settings by retrieving that preset.

Alternately: Does Vegas remember plugin automation? (Though Vegas audio is quite decent, I don't use Vegas for any sort of refined audio mixing, so I just don't know) If so, you can dedicate a second of time or so at the beginning of the project, or segment, to automation that would reflect your settings. That would be the last thing I would do, but it might solve the problem for you.