Vegas 2.0b posted!!

SonyEPM wrote on 11/15/2000, 4:00 PM
Hello Vegas Users-

Vegas Video 2.0b and Vegas Audio 2.0b have been posted on
the SF website. We've fixed a significant number of bugs
(many of them first reported in the Vegas Forum) and we
added a few new treats as well.

Please keep the feedback coming, and thanks everyone for
your patience.

Best wishes from the Vegas Team!

updates here:


DrMDA wrote on 11/15/2000, 7:10 PM
Thank you VERY Much. We all appreciate the hard work that you have
put into this effort!

Bob Trout
db wrote on 11/16/2000, 9:32 AM
loaded in 2.0b ..and finally, YES!!!! my external monitor is NOW
working !!!
also installed directX 8 far no problems !!! the new dv codec is
allot better more shift to green ..

tried out sound fordge but it can't open dv clips ??? was told that
it can't open DV type 1 files ... does it matter if i capture DV
type 2 files ?? does it take up more processing time (type 2) ...
capturing type 2 can i capture larger then 4 gig files ??